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Oman is an Arabian country which has been inhabited for a very long time. It is worth visiting, as you will find in this country many archaeological places that will interest you. It has a rich cultural background as well. The official currency in use here is the Omani Rial (OMR) and the official language of the country is Arabic. Muscat, Buraimi, Masirah Island, Barkā’, and Bawshar are a few of the cities which you must explore when you are in Oman. You can rent a car in Oman to explore all these significant cities.

Get a car for hire in Oman and visit Muscat

Muscat is the capital of Oman, and it is the largest city in the country. The city is home to many historic sites. Pay a visit to the Al Jalali Fort, which was once built as a jail for prisoners, and is now a beautiful museum. You must also visit Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, which is famous for its massive Persian carpet and its beautiful chandelier. Visit the Corniche area where you can interact with the locals and enjoy the food sold here. Explore Muscat with ease using a car rental in Oman.

Visit the city of Buraimi

There are a number of forts that can be found all over the city. Go for a stroll and explore the numerous historic places which the city houses. Rent a car and proceed eastward to reach Fossil Valley. As the name suggests, you will find a number of fossilized remains of creatures that once walked the lands of the country. There are a number of mosques in the city, the most prominent one being Majid Qaboos. Visit the mosque and be a part of the Islamic rituals carried out here.

Explore Masirah Island, famous for turtles

Visit Masirah Island, which is famous for being home to four exotic species of turtles that are known to breed in large number. Masirah island is mostly a desert, and it boasts of incredible beaches. The waters around the island are perfect for swimming and snorkeling. You can also see and photograph dhow wrecks that can be found on these beaches in abundance. Hire a car in Oman and travel comfortably around the island.

Take a car for rent in Oman and explore other places

Pay a visit to the city of Bahla, which is home to Bahla Fort, a UNESCO world heritage site. Leave Muscat and head to the city of Salalah. You can shop for various souvenirs at the Haffa Souq. You can also extend your trip to Dubai, which will make your trip even more enjoyable!

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