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Tromso is unquestionably a must-have in your travel life. If you have heard or seen Northern Lights before, you will know how beautiful it is in a night sky. Tromso is one of the perfect spots to grant you a chance to view this amazing natural scene in the winter season.

Book a car rental in Tromso first

Reservation in advance often keeps you out of troubles and headaches. If you are considering to rent a car in Tromso, you should do it in your home country before boarding the airplane. Many professional car rental companies are likely to have a webpage with comparison features so that you could match your requirements with what you will get for your travel later. A quality bargain with best price is doubtless when you book anything earlier.

Guide you to visit around Tromso

Aside from the Northern Lights, there are delicious food, interesting places, fun events and much more activities elsewhere. Situated in the northernmost area of Norway, its city center is where you can discover Polaria, the Polar Museum, the Art Museum of Northern Norway and the Contemporary Art Gallery. Yes, you will be surprised by a wide range of artistic works in this town. The Arctic Cathedral is the most favorite spot for all photographers. Compared to other churches, its reputation is hard to be comparable. Besides, the Main Square or Torget is a crowded local market and you could pick up your souvenirs from there too.

Enjoy the natural beauty of Tromso

Darkness is just another beginning of this gorgeous town. From May 18 to July 26, you can notice the sun which is always above the horizon. They name it as the “Midnight Sun”. Drop yourself off at the Tromso Bridge or Upper Station of the Cable Car for this event. However, ask the locals about the best place because sometimes it may be undesirably blocked by constructions. If you are flying between November and January, you could probably travel in a dim town. As this city is bordered with mountains, you could only have few-hours of day time during that season. However, the sky will be painted by nice colors during midday.

Get yourself a car for hire in Tromso

Above does not mean all for Tromso. You will have to explore this city which is full of events and festivals too. If you feel that you have had enough, then you could get to its immediate surroundings anytime. A car for rent in Tromso is better than relying on bus to those places, for example Senja, Lyngen, Longyearbyen, Sommarey and Narvik. Travel tips for you – reservation is a must for June until August. Hire a car in Tromso is relatively cheaper in other months.

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