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Stavanger refers to a city which also doubles up as a municipality in Rogaland County. The city is the fourth largest urban centre and the third largest city in Norway. It doubles up as the administrative center for the county of Rogaland. Stavanger was awarded the European Capital of Culture in 2008. Some of the cities that lie in close proximity with the city of Stavanger include Bergen, Oslo, Goteborg, Aarhus and Kleve.

Exploring attractions with car for rent in Stavanger

There are a number of attractions in Stavanger. One such attraction is the Utstein Abbey which is in close proximity with the Klosterøy fjord on the northern side and which features a large number of islets and islets. There is also an Augustinian abbey of Utstein which dates back to the thirteenth century and which is the best preserved monastic house in Norway. The other attraction is the Lysefjord which refers to a cleft in the mountains that is thirty seven kilometers long, two kilometres wide and over four hundred and fifty meters deep. It features bright greenish waters. The fjord is enclosed by sheer walls that rise to over one kilometer. To get to these attractions, you have to hire a car in Stavanger.

Must visit attractions in Stavanger

There are a number of other attractions in Stavanger. One of the noticeable features found in the Stavanger fjord is the Prekestol or pulpit which refers to a flat topped- crag that is just about 3 meters short of achieving a total height of 600 meters. This attraction is accessed via Stavanger on Road 13.The other attraction is the Stavanger cathedral which dates back to the eleventh century. It features a Baroque pulpit as well as a glass stained glass found on the east window. To get to these attractions you need to rent a car in Stavanger.

Other popular attractions in Stavanger

The Vålandshaugen offers amazing views of Stavanger, the surrounding hills and the fjord from a height of eighty five meters. The Archaeological Museum is located to the south western side of the Municipal Museum. It features a special exhibition or kaleidoscope. The Svetland School Museum is home to a number of attractions including equipment, teaching material and furnishings. The other popular attraction is the Bjergsted Park which refers a park which has some very unique restaurants as well as several strategically placed vantage or viewing points. To get to these attractions you need car rental in Stavanger.

Exploring with car for hire in Stavanger

There are numerous attractions in and around Stavanger that are unique and which one should make a point of visiting when in Stavanger. These attractions include Byhaugen, Cruise Port, Emigration Festival, Flyhistorisk Museum Sola, Kongsgård, Ledaal House, Market Square, Municipal Museum, Old Town, Stavanger Art Gallery, Ullandhaugen, Valbergtårn, and more.

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