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Sandefjord is a vibrant coastal town in Vestfold County, Norway. The location about 75 miles south of Oslo makes it a perfect getaway for beach holidays. The fact that Sandefjord has a 90-mile coast with two peninsulas (Vesteroya and Osteroya) filled end to end with great beaches helps a lot. If that is not enough, Sandefjord has plenty of history, culture, museums, and dated architecture for the intrepid tourist with a camera. You can take guided tours and hop around on a tourist plane, or get a car for hire in Sandefjord and explore the town, beaches, and the rest of Vestfold County on wheels.

Rent a Car in Sandefjord for Beach Hopping

It would be hard to use this limited space to describe all the beaches and sandy coves on the 90 mile Sandefjord coast. But you can book your car rental in Sandefjord right now and come up with a plan to visit at least those beaches that are within easy driving distance of the town. For example, you could limit your beach hopping to beaches within 10 miles of the town. This means you get to frolic in the sand at beaches like Goksjo and Granholmen. The beaches on the Osteroya peninsula include Flautangen, Skjellvika, Truber, and Yxnoy. The Vesteroya beaches include Asnes, Grubesand, Korsvik, Langeby, and Vora. Some of these beaches allow camping, including Asnes, Granholmen, Langeby, and Vora.

Sightseeing Expedition in Sandefjord

Sandefjord Church and Sandar Church in the town center are among the prime attractions. Another beautiful sight is Midtasen, the estate of shipping magnate Anders Jahre. The mansion is now a tourist attraction managed by the Norwegian government. The Haugen Farm at Jaberg has ancient rock carvings and standing stones that date back to 1500-500 BC. Another must-visit attraction is the wooden building of the Sandefjord baths, which is now a museum chronicling Sandefjord's history as a spa town. A reminder of Sandefjord's whaling history comes in the form of the Whaling Museum, the only such museum in Europe dedicated to whales and the tragic cruelty and carnage of whaling.

Guided Tour Tips for Sandefjord Visitors

There are many ways to see Sandefjord and its surroundings through the expert eyes of a tour guide. You can hop on to the only DC3 Dakota plane still flying in Norway and get a bird's eye view of Vetsfold County and the fjords. The plane, currently operated by Dakota Norway, used to be Finnish President Kekkonen's private aircraft. If you need a city tour, nature tour, Vestfold tour, or guided tours of specific attractions such as the aforementioned Midtasen estate or the Whaling Museum, then head for the Sandefjord Guide Association at Ved Visit Sandefjord or the official tourist information office at Kurbadet, Thor Dahlsgt. 7.

Hire a Car in Sandefjord for Vestfold County Day Trips

If you prefer the freedom to roam around at will and make up your own itinerary, get a car for rent in Sandefjord and cook up a plan to visit all the major towns in Vestfold County and perhaps a trip to Oslo. This is assuming you did not come from Oslo in the first place. Coming or going, the one and a half hour drive on the E18 between Oslo and Sandefjord goes through most of the major Vestfold County towns including Horten and Tonsberg. Larvik is the only major town in the county that is south of both Oslo and Sandefjord. If you exit from the E18 to the E6 at Horten, you can additionally stop by at Moss, Vestby, Drobak and Nordstrand on the way to Oslo.

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