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Narvik lies in Nordland County and borders Sweden, where it touches Norbotten County. The city of Narvik, despite its proximity to the Arctic Circle, has a mild climate and a popular tourist destination during the summer, with temperatures close to 15 degrees Centigrade.

Use car for hire in Narvik and do things you want

The city of Narvik presents excellent opportunities for outdoor activities in the summer, especially skiing, with abundant slopes of snow-covered mountains in the vicinity of the city. Narvik also served as an ice free port and allowed for the import of iron ore from neighboring Sweden. The city has a war memorial museum that is situated on top of Fagernesfjellet and can be accessed through a cable car. The Nordland Red Cross War Memorial Museum has its unique collection showing the Narvik campaign in the year 1940, so as the town all through the years of German occupation in the year 1940 up to 1945. The museum mainly shows the fight at the sea, air and land together with the participating forces from most nations. People would know more about the history of Narvik if they consider getting into the museum itself.

Alpine skiing is what attracts tourists to Narvik

Summer in the city of Narvik starts from June and extends up to September. This is the time period when tourists come from different parts of not only Norway but also neighboring countries such as Finland, Germany, Sweden, and even Russia. Tourists come in anticipation of alpine skiing, for which there are excellent facilities and infrastructure in Narvik. Having a car for rent in Narvik takes visitors to different venues and base camps with ease.

Wreck Diving- One Of The Best Things To Do In Narvik

Wreck diving is a new and thrilling activity where ship wrecks are pushed deep inside the waters near the sea to create an artificial reef. Tourists can explore these ship wrecks, which have become home to an exotic marine life in due course of time. In and around the harbor in Narvik, there are many shipwrecks that are used for shipwreck diving during the summer. Fishing in streams and lakes is another recreational activity that is a big attraction in nearby Bjerkvik, Skjomen, and Beisfjord. With attractions scattered all over, it makes sense to rent a car in Narvik for ease of movement.

Hire a car in Narvik to explore the area and see and do more in less time

There are many outdoor activities such as Orca Safaris, Fjord cruises, skiing, wilderness tours, and mountain climbing in nearby cities and towns, which travelers can comfortably visit with a car rental in Narvik. There are also churches, museums, and other places of attraction for tourists who are interested in finding out about the arts and culture of Narvik. There is even a polar zoo in nearby Bardu that houses mammals such as wolves, monkeys, and brown bears from the polar fauna. It may sound surprising but tourists actually get a chance to play golf under the midnight sun in Narvik in the summer.

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