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Situated in the Nordland county of Norway, Mo I Rana, is part of the municipality area known as Rana. It is located in the centre of Norway, to the north-west of Sweden. Just over 13 square kilometres, Mo I Rana is the largest town in the Helgeland region.

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Often called the Arctic Circle city, Mo I Rana is a fascinating tourist destination. Mo I Rana starts at the end of a beautiful fjord. This is a modern city and a gateway to the Arctic which is only 80 kilometers away. The climate in Mo I Rana is subarctic. This makes the winters here very long and chilly, while the summers are very short and not so warm. Due to its peculiar location, in Mo I Rana summer days are very long, while in winter, daylight lasts for only a very short time. July and August are the summer months when the temperatures peak to 31 degrees Celsius. This is also the best time to hire a car in Mo I Rana and travel to the various tourist attractions.

Tourists spots in Mo I Rana

Among the major attractions in Mo I Rana are two spectacles that tourists come to see every year. The first is the midnight sun during the summer season; the second is the Aurora Borealis in the winter season. In addition to these spectacles, there are many attractions that will appeal to all kinds of tourists. You can take a car for rent in Mo I Rana and head to the Havmann, located in Ranfjord. This sculpture has been carved from the Arctic Granite stone by a modern age artist Antony Gormley. The Rana museum, which is in the city center, showcases the everyday life in Mo I Rana and has over 80 thousand photographs. A natural history museum in the older part of Mo I Rana has some interesting exhibits of the animals in this region. A must see natural landmark is the Saltfjelle-Svartisen National Park, which is Norway's biggest national park. It has a variety of animal species and spans the regions of Meloy, Rodoy, Bodo, Saltdal, Rana and Beiarn.

Going around Mo I Rana's old city

Another fascinating aspect of Mo I Rana is its old city, known as the Moholmen. You can take a car for hire in Mo I Rana and drive to the downtown area. Near the fjords lie an interesting cluster of wooden houses with monuments that are over 100 years old. These buildings speak volumes about Mo I Rana's trade activities with Sweden in olden times. Two main structures in this part are the Bakery house and the Tower house. These were the center of all activity and boast intricate wooden architecture.

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Mo I Rana is a spectacular city with something for every traveller. From glacier walking to cave tours and adventure sports, there are plenty of activities here that will make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

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