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Kristiansund is a city on Norway’s west coast, located in the Nordmøre district. Kristiansund and Nordmøre's most famous claim to fame is the Atlantic Road, a road-tripper's dream come true. Factor in deep fjords, killer whale safaris, and the world's oldest passenger transport system to make it a very unique holiday. Depending on your preferences, you could go deep-sea fishing, play golf, visit the waterfalls on a mountain road, or see galleries and museums. You must rent a car in Kristiansund if you wish to make the most of this wonderful outdoor holiday opportunity in Norway.

Tips for Getting a Car for Rent in Kristiansund

There are seven agencies offering travelers a car rental in Kristiansund. All have counters at Kristiansund Airport (KSU) as well as offices in the city. This allows you to specify your preferred pick-up and drop-off points, regardless of whether you are coming by air, road, or rail. When booking online, you will see a categorized listing of all the vehicles from these seven agencies. Choose the best deal currently available for the vehicle you want, and book it right now to save money and ensure you have a car ready and waiting for you upon arrival in Kristiansund.

Sightseeing Tips for Kristiansund Visitors

The only place in the city where you get to see pre-WWII coastal architecture is at Innlandet. The Kristiansund Opera House from 1914 is Norway's oldest opera house. If you go down to the harbor, you can see the Mellemværftet Ship Yard Museum and the Norwegian Split Cod Museum. Take a drive on the Aursjøvegen Mountain Road and enjoy the sight of some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Norway, and maybe have a run-in with a musk ox and some reindeer.

Offshore Activities and Destinations in Kristiansund

The Sundbåten passenger ferry, which dates back to 1876, is now more of a tourist attraction than an actual transportation option. The island of Grip, formerly a fishing village, is worth a visit for its colorful old buildings and the tiny 15th century Stave Church. Another medieval Stave Church from 1300 AD can be seen at Kvernes, on the island of Averøy. If you are there, do not miss the Kvernes Rural Museum. If you want to see a sea eagle, you will have to go to the island of Smøla. Other offshore activities include river and deep-sea fishing and orca safaris.

Hire a Car in Kristiansund for an Atlantic Road Journey

The main reason a lot of visitors come to Kristiansund and Nordmøre is because of the Atlantic Road. It runs between Kristiansund and the village of Bud. It is one of Norway's official national tourist routes, has been declared as the country's "construction of the century." Get a car for hire in Kristiansund and head out on the Atlantic Road. After the 30 minute drive through the Atlantic Ocean Tunnel, you pass through the aforementioned island of Averøy. Hustadvika Bay is an infamous stretch of the road which is often battered by storms. Important stops along the way include the islands of Håholmen, Molde, Aukra, Midsund, and Sandøy.

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