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Halden is a wonderful border town between Norway and Sweden and comprises many contemporary and natural delights for you to explore. The city has an extremely rich culture, with associations including wooden boat festivals, dance festivals, opera concerts, and food and drink festivals all year. In fact, in all probability, you would be greeted with a festive bonanza any time you try touring this marvelous city. Going around exploring the myriad attractions that Halden has to offer is an excruciating task, as the sightseeing takes a long distance to cover. Why would you bother using public shuttles and metros when you can have access to your exclusive car rental in Halden?

Rent a Car in Halden and Move Around Town

Halden is predominantly historic in its appeal. The famous Fredericksen Fort, where King Charles XII was reportedly killed, is composed of numerous historical museums. The Svinesund Bridge, , a state-of-the-art water canal system, is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful bridges in the world. The wonderfully preserved Red Manor House (Rød Herregård) has its splendid gardens. You must definitely not miss the Hoiasmasten TV Tower for an excellent view of the pretty Halden townscape and the Busterud Parken, a tiny park with marvelous plant enclaves.

Go Trail Hiking in the Countryside

Halden is blessed with a very beautiful Scandinavian countryside. You can go trail hiking and trekking in Halden Forest. You could also fish in Iddefjord for free and in other ponds for a small fee. Bathing enclaves in the Halden countryside with sweet spring waters include Berbyelva and Iddefjord lakes. If you love trekking and backpacking, camp for a night in Prestebakke and Kornsjø. The autumn is the best time to go trail hiking in the countryside, especially with a car for rent in Halden.

Drive to Oslo, About 90 km Away

If you don’t mind long drives, take a car for hire in Halden and venture to Oslo, the cultural capital of Norway. Oslo is a pretty city with impressive attractions and sightseeing vistas for you to explore. Some noteworthy attractions in Oslo include the Royal Palace, the Opera House, the Kirkeristen, the University of Oslo campus, and Oslo Cathedral. You might also love the Oslo Capitol, the Henrik Ibsen Museum, and the Viking Ship Museum. You mustn’t conclude your trip without a visit to the Nobel Peace Center and Holocaust Center landmarks of Oslo.

Hire a Car in Halden and Move Around to Explore Nearby Cities

Whether it is Sponvika, Ise, Fosby, or Slevik, you can have a great time touring the cities in the vicinity of Halden in a car rental. You definitely need not worry about traveling in public transport when you can have a wonderful car rental service booked online. Take a car on hire and have a great time in Halden.

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