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If you wish to spend your holidays in a city that is filled with culture amidst modern amenities, and yet exuding a wonderful cozy atmosphere, then the city of Fredrikstad is the one for you. Founded in late 1567 by King Frederick the Second, the city has come a long way from being a simple town to an alluring city, thriving with numerous tourist attractions. Located near Glemminge and Glemmen, it offers rich cultural and historical highlights. If you can get yourself a car for hire in Fredrikstad, you will be able to have a wonderful time here and enjoy numerous attractions and great adventures.

Rent a car in Fredrikstad to visit the Old Town

Leave the modern settlement behind and head to the Old Town where you will see the mighty fortress that was constructed there. Among the three fortress towns of Norway, Fredrikstad is the only town that still has its fortresses unspoiled by time and modern development. Hire a car in Fredrikstad to come here, and enjoy the panoramic views of the city from the battlements of the fort to the deep moats and huge stone walls that face the river. After your awe inspiring visit to the fort, you can enjoy a refreshing cup of Italian coffee in the Old Town Market while you listen to the nostalgic stories of the locals about the city.

Museums of Fredrikstad

Once you have hired a car in Fredrikstad, you can begin to enjoy the numerous museums that are located in the city. The prominent one is the Fredrikstad Museum, which was constructed and established in 1903 and which offers visitors a huge collection of Norwegian art and cultural relics. The museum is situated in the Tøihuset region of the Old Town. Other good places to explore history include the Football Museum, Kongsten Fort, and the Elingaard Manor.

Find stones that tell tales of the Bronze Age

In areas surrounding Fredrikstad, such as Hvaler and Sarpsborg, you will come upon many places and sites where you can find stones from the Bronze Age. You will discover stone circles, burial mounds, and huge stones with wonderfully chiseled images on them. You are bound to feel a bit wistful as you gaze at these stones that have witnessed thousands of years worth of history.

Find a car rental in Fredrikstad to make your stay pleasant

When you arrive at Fredrikstad, you will soon realize that there are plenty of attractions to enjoy and lots of sites to explore in the city. But the most essential part is getting to these attractions easily and comfortably. For this reason, get yourself a car for rent in Fredrikstad upon arrival. Then you can easily roam around and take pleasure in all the delightful spots and interesting activities that this city has to offer, at your own schedule and in a relaxing way.

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