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Mo I Rana is a scenic town in the Nordland county of Norway. It has a population of approximately 17,750 inhabitants. The town of Mo I Rana has quite a prominent historical past. Mo I Rana is also a very well known cultural destination. There are several tourist attractions in Mo I Rana such as the famous Mo Church and the Nordland Theater. You can discover the town of Mo I Rana hassle free by using our website as a means for booking the Mo I Rana airport rental cars.

Mo I Rana – A brief history

The town of Mo I Rana was an important trading center in ancient and medieval times. Building boats, hunting, fishing, and mining were the most important occupations of the people of the town. Some of the significant trading items were reindeer meat, herring, flour, tobacco, and reindeer venison and reindeer skin. Sweden was one of the most well known trading partners. In the period after the Second World War, the town of Mo I Rana was transformed into an industrial area.

Airport facilities in Mo I Rana

The town of Mo I Rana is served by a major airport, which is known as the Mo I Rana Airport. The airport serves only regional flights and is located about ten kilometers away from the town. You can find some good booking offers, discounts and deals on the car hire Mo I Rana airport services upon visiting our website. You can also make reservations for your car hire Mo I Rana requirements on the internet only through our booking system.

Mo I Rana – A famous cultural destination

The town of Mo I Rana is quite a prominent seat of Norwegian culture. There is a famous theater in Mo I Rana known as the Nordland Theater. There is also a famous museum in town known as the Rana Museum. If you rent a car in Mo I Rana airport at our website little before leaving for the city, then you can travel to all these cultural destinations without incurring any sort of obstacles. So when you are exploring the town of Mo I Rana, you should not refrain from utilizing the hire car Mo I Rana airport services facilitated by our website.

Thus, the facilities provided at our website for car hire Mo i Rana companies at Mo I Rana airport, are a perfect way of touring this town.

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