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Tinian is a small island lying in the Pacific Ocean which offers an unmatched blend of historical remnants and cultural diversity. Although it is the least populated of all the islands that make up the Mariana Islands, it provides tourists with a variety of things to do and places to go. It is famous for being home to various reminders of the Second World War like runways and bomb pits. Let’s have a look at the major attractions of this amazingly flamboyant island.

Get a Car for Rent in Tinian to Visit San Jose

The only major town in Tinian is San Jose, located on the southern side of the island. The island’s only airport is situated several kilometres north of this town. You can find an affordable car rental in Tinian and visit the North Field, known for the ruins of the Japanese developments that were made during the Second World War.

Relive History

Tinian was a Japanese territory until 1944, used for the war on the U.S. The Japanese lost the islands to Americans in 1944, who later used the island as the base point for dropping the infamous atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Higashihiroshima. Hence, one can see ruins of Japanese developments like the now-wrecked runways and the only remaining Shinto shrine on the Mariana Islands on one hand and the Enola Gay Monument, the taking off point of the B-29 Enola Gay Jet that carried the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima as well as the pits where the atomic bombs in the plane were loaded on the other. You can hire a car in Tinian and visit North Field which is home to all these places.

Major Attractions

Visit the House of Taga, which is known for the mysterious latte stone structures which are believed to be built by the island’s inhabitants from 1500 B.C. Rent a car in Tinian and go to see the incredible blow-hole which shoots sea water as high as 10 metres. Diving in the water surrounding Tinian is a unique experience. Besides the usual coral reefs and aquatic animals, you will get to explore the remnants of the cannons, planes, and tankers used in the World War. You can gamble at the casino in San Jose. You can also take a car for hire and visit the ancient Chammoro village to explore the Chammoro culture.

Car for Hire in Tinian: Suggested!

Tinian is a very beautiful island which provides its guests with so many experiences that they are bound to be content with their trip. You can expand your trip further and fly to the sister islands of Saipan, Rota, and Guam. You can also fly to nearby countries like Korea, Japan, and China.

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