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Saipan is the largest island among the family of the Northern Mariana Islands. It played a very important role in the history of the Pacific war. The official currency on the island is the U.S. Dollar. A small proportion of the people speak the Chamorro language. Tourists coming to the island can easily find a car for rent in Saipan to discover the islands and towns such as Garapan, Chalan Kanoa, and the Northern Part of the Island.

Rent a Car in Saipan and Visit Garapan

Being the most urban town of the island, Garapan features the major proportion of hotels. The American Memorial Park is a popular tourist attraction. You can also visit the Paseo De Mariana Mall. The village of Puerto Rico is situated nearby, and you can go and see the Saipan Zoo from here, where you will find exotic animals like the Marianas fruit bats found only in the Mariana Islands. It is best to hire a car in Saipan if you wish to uncover the locales comfortably.

Discover the Northern Part of the Island

The northern tip of Saipan is infamous for the Banzai Cliff and the Suicide Cliff. Many Japanese civilians jumped off these cliffs and committed suicide after being convinced that the Americans would kill them soon. The U.S. military used these cliffs as dumping places for surplus war resources. Also, The Last Command Post, in a cave near the cliffs, holds many tanks, cannons, and other memorabilia from the war. You can also visit the Bird Island, which is a small isolated island and is inhabited by exotic birds.

Explore the Town of Chalan Kanoa

This is the newest town on the island, which features a good number of hotels. It is located very close to the island’s shimmering and only lake, Lake Susupe, located in the village of Susupe. You can get a car for rent and visit this lake, which is home to some birds found only in the Mariana Islands. Moreover, the lake provides shelter to migratory birds which come here in the winters. It is surrounded by 17 ponds. Large guppies can be found in these ponds and the lake. One of the most important roads of Saipan, Beach Road, goes through Chalan Kanoa, hence so it is easy to hire a car and travel to other parts of the island.

Get a Car for Hire in Saipan

You can also enjoy for diving and snorkelling, as this island provides excellent opportunities for such activities. And you can go to the nearby islands of Tinian and Rota. Moreover, you can extend your trip to countries like Korea, Japan, and China. However for exploring the nearby towns, cities and localities, it is best to find a car rental in Saipan.

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