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Car hire Rota information

The Rota Island is the perfect destination for tourists looking to get away from their monotonous lives. The island is littered with marvellous beaches where most of your vacations will be spent. The island also features numerous attractions that you will fall in love with. With its allusive charm and number of sights that cannot be simply missed, it is best explored when you hire a car in Rota.

Visit the charming Songsong by using car for rent in Rota

The main village of the island is Songsong and it is chock-full of a variety of attractions that you can choose from. Right at the entrance of the village, you will come across the Pinatang Park which is an amazing place to be. Here you will find many channels of water that are all going towards the open sea nearby. Sit here and relax while taking in the natural beauty of the island. Also near the village is the mysterious Tonga Cave which has been successful in attracting geological tourists for its magnificent stalagmites, stalactites, and the many smaller caves that it has.

The village of Sinapalo

After Songsong, Sinapalo is the second largest village of the island. From here, you can find many natural draws and places that are worth visiting. Drive to Sagua’gaga Seabird Sanctuary in your car for hire in Rota and you will get the chance to see firsthand many exotic birds in their natural habitat. This is also the home for many rare and unseen flora and fauna which will leave you mesmerized by their bright colors and curious shapes.

Don’t just stay on Rota Island, explore the neighboring Islands

You are not going to stay here forever and it is best that you use every minute that you have exploring. Rota Island is among the many picturesque Northern Mariana Islands. Nearby lays the Saipan Island which has been able to hide Rota from tourist radar due to its alluring attractions and sights. These include the many sites where you will get a chance to see the relics of the ferocious Pacific War. To better understand the history of the island, we urge you visit the CNMI Museum of History located here where you can learn all that there is to know about the island and its wonderful history.

Rent a car in Rota for a comfortable island excursion

The island of Rota has in its fold many delights that will keep you on the edge of your seat. With its wonderful beaches, serene environment, and the hospitable people, there is no way that you won’t enjoy yourself. Getting a hired car will also be welcoming considering the local driver’s friendly attitude towards tourists. You will thank your stars for the cars being automatic since there is no way you can keep your hand on the gear and then use it for waving to every driver that passes by as well. Use car rental in Rota and visit other islands as well, including Maug Islands, Sarigan, and Pagan, all of which are equally engaging and attractive.

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