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Nigeria is situated in West Africa. If you decide to visit Nigeria this year, you will not be only treated with warmth and hospitality but also with rich food. The culture of Nigeria is quite diverse and you will surely enjoy the most pleasant locations there. Three of the most beautiful Nigerian cities include Lagos, Kano, and Ibadan. These cities are spectacular and you will fall in love with each one of them. To make matters easier, you should get a car for hire in Nigeria.

Visit Lagos by getting a car for rent in Nigeria

Lagos is the most populous and most extensive city of Nigeria. Many famous African authors like Chinua Achebe used Lagos as the setting of their work. The cultures, the traditions, and most importantly the proverbial language of this place are quite fascinating. If you go to Lagos, you must visit the Nigerian National Museum to learn more about the cultures, history, and traditions of Nigeria. If you rent a car in Nigeria, the trip will become more fascinating and more enjoyable.

Visiting Kano

After Lagos, Kano is the most extensive city of Nigeria. This city is famous for hills like Dala Hill from where you can have a bird’seye view of the city. If you a take a tour guide with you, this will be among the first places he will take you to. Moreover, this city is famous for its Durbar festival, which is celebrated by Muslims during Eid ul Fitr and Hajj. If you want to see how this festival is celebrated, you must plan for your vacation in the last two months of the year.

A visit to Ibadan is a must

Ibadan is a colorful and a lively city in Nigeria. The people in this city are very friendly and you do not feel like a stranger walking on their land. The local shops are the highlight of this city. In these shops you will find jewelry, mud utensils, handwoven fabrics and rugs, and some precious items. You must also visit the Institute Of African Studies in this city. This institute has several objects of the ancient tribes which used to reside in Nigeria centuries ago.

Car rental in Nigeria is a great help

If you would like to see Nigeria within a limited time, it is best that you hire a car in Nigeria. This will help you to save a lot of time and energy. If you make use of a rental car, you will be able to go to other cites like Kaduna and Aba. These cities are spectacular and will give you more information about the African way of life and their cultures. So book your rental car online now and have the time of your life in Nigeria.

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