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Managua is the capital of Nicaragua, located along the southern shores of Xolotlán or Lake Managua. The Pacific Coast is not far and Managua is actually sandwiched between Xolotlán and the much bigger Lake Nicaragua. Factor in the four beautiful lagoons, the Tipitapa River which connects the two lakes and the Venetian canal system the city uses for transport. It is safe to say that just about everything you do or see in Managua will be very near to or actually on the water. You do not need to get a boat, but if you rent a car in Managua, it might come in handy.

Hire a Car in Managua for Sightseeing

Two devastating earthquakes in 1931 and 1972 totaled many of the city's historic landmarks and buildings. But there is still a lot to see, including the ruins of the Old Cathedral and the new Cathedral built near Rotonda Rubén Darío. Speaking of which, you must visit the lovely fountain by the rotunda which is especially beautiful after dark when the lights come on. This would be around where you will feel the need to get a car for hire in Managua. It becomes a lot easier if you have already booked it beforehand, so do it right now. You might want to go around and see some casinos and enjoy the nightlife. Other must-visit attractions include the Palacio Nacional and its museum, and Parque de la Paz where you will see something unique – concrete poured over a tank to symbolize the end of the Contra war.

Managua Lagoon Tour for Visitors

One of the best parts about a visit to Managua is the chance to see its volcanic crater lagoons within the city. The most popular lagoon is Tiscapa, just a few minutes from the city center. It is a beautiful nature preserve slam-bang in the middle of a big city, like an oasis in a desert. The Tiscapa lagoon was formed from a volcanic crater at least 10,000 years ago. The Asososca lagoon is due west, near the start of the Southern Highway or Carretera al Sur. The Nejaa Lagoon is also on the Southern Highway, while the Acahualinca Lagoon is to the northwest, along the shores of the lake.

Day Trips from Managua

The two most popular destinations for day trips from Managua are Leon and Granada. Managua is the current capital, but before this, Leon and Granada have been taking turns being the capital of Nicaragua. You can take NIC 26 alongside the lake past Mateare and the Chiltepe Peninsula Natural Reserve. Turn towards the Pacific coast at La Paz Centro and then follow NIC 12 all the way to Leon. Granada is on the shores of Lake Nicaragua, so you will be traveling on NIC 4 for less than an hour before you reach Granada. You can also make it a more leisurely trip by stopping along the way at Masaya to take a look at the volcano and lake.

How to Get a Car for Rent in Managua

There are seven agencies offering a car rental in Managua for visitors. Some of them are located at the Managua Augusto C Sandino Airport (MGA), while the rest are near the city center and Tiscapa. Compare these agencies online, find the best deal available and book your vehicle right now.

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