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Stress-free traffic jams – advises on how to stay in a good holiday spirit!


In the northern hemisphere, the summer holidays are just around the corner, couples are planning romantic camping trips and families are packing their cars to go on exploring road trips!

Whether renting a car or taking your own, you will unfortunately, most probably be caught in frustrating summer traffic somewhere on your way! The team don´t only have great tips on how you can avoid frustrating traffic jams, but also offers practical advice and recommendations on how to stay calm and in good spirit whilst being stuck in a traffic jam, whether you are in your own or a rental car! How to avoid traffic jams

Before you even start your road trip, do your research properly – don´t only look at the quickest route to your destination, but also alternative routes...remember many roads lead to Rome! If you come across, for example road works, then it is worth it to rather take a little detour than spending frustrating hours in a traffic jam. Using a GPS can help you navigate your way effortless. However don´t only rely on your GPS, especially if you travel abroad, as it can sometimes lose satellite connection in remote places or provide false information. Therefore, just in case of emergency, always carry the most recent road map of the area in the car with you.

Plan the day and time you leave on holiday beforehand. The first day of the summer holiday will always be chaotic on the road, therefore rather leave a couple of days earlier or later. Weekends are notorious for increased traffic, if you can prevent it; avoid driving on a Saturday or Sunday. On the day that you leave for holiday, it is worth it to leave really early in the morning, or later around midday...not in-between!

So you did get caught in a traffic jam? Don´t panic, will give you some advise how to stay relax and calm when faced with traffic!

Probably the ultimate boredom cure in bad traffic is audio books as it will help take your mind off the stressful situation you are in. Choose your audio books well so that all the passengers (even the kids) can enjoy it. The mandatory stops at the service station should only be used to fill up the car and stretch the legs. As the choice of product at the service station shops is limited and stores are crowded, travel prepared with all the snacks and food that you and the family may require and enjoy. Rather take a proper break somewhere in the country away from the crowds at the service stations. It is worth it to pack such games in the car as playing cards, backgammon or chess. When the passengers are entertained, it takes a lot of stress off the driver.

You should not forget to take care of your wellbeing on the road. Travelling during the summer can get really hot, with temperatures up to 30 ° C; therefore pack a small cool bag with cold drinks and healthy refreshments such as fruits and vegetables.

If you would rather avoid the stress of the traffic, why not just fly to your destination and rent a car at the airport? As most of the popular summer destination is filled with tourists, it is important to book your rental car in advance. With, your independent price comparison website for car rentals, you can find the best available deals for this summer today.