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From 'Full-To-Empty' to 'Full-To-Full' - Car rental company changes refuel settlement

25/02/2010, leading online price comparison for hired cars, is partner of the first Spanish rental car supplier that performed a customer-friendly change in refuel settlements.

Filling up and ripping off – for a long time, this was the credo of many Southern European rental car agencies. But now, at least one car hire in Spain changed the refuelling regulation “full-to-empty” that sparked indignation with many customers. The hired car supplier Solmar does now offer a fair refuelling settlement that resembles the one most British car hires use: The car is picked up and dropped off with a full tank.

The otherwise popular regulation „full-to-empty“ supplies customers with a rental car that is filled up. For this service, suppliers demand an overpriced fee that ranges, depending on the car type, between 50€ and 90€ per filling which usually is twice or triple the normal price. The rental car can be dropped with an empty tank, but the usually contained heel will not be reimbursed. The loss of expenses is large and evokes annoyance on the customers’ part with good reason.

Therefore, sought for a change of this obscure refuel settlement and ran in open doors at the supplier Solmar. The new settlement can be seen by customers of at a glance – which is advantageous as customers know immediately which refuelling regulation and which resulting fees have to be faced. In the end, this will influence the customer’s choice in car rentals.