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Fit for spring – gives tips on how to stay driving fit!


You probably know this feeling too! As the days get longer and spring is in the air, many travellers rent a car and embark on longer road trips.

However, the feeling of exhaustion and tiredness kicks in much faster than expected and the journey becomes hard work! The online price comparison website,, has some tips for you and knows exactly what you can do to regain your energy and stay fit on your long-haul drives.

During journeys with a rental car longer than 3 hours, is it very important that you take regular driving breaks. These breaks are not only the perfect time for you to grab a bite but also a great opportunity to get some fresh air and stretch your legs!! Perhaps you can have a break next to the road and go for a short walk to explore the surroundings or stretch your body while standing and enjoying a snack. In this way your body can relax and unwind and you will have renewed energy levels for the drive in the rental car ahead! has the following tips for drivers to regain energy while taking a break!

Exercise 1– Spinal stretch: Stand upright with slightly bent knees next to the rental car and reach with one arm upwards over your head while you push the other arm downwards. Hold this position for a moment and then change your arms and repeat.

Exercise 2 – Twists: Stand with slightly bent knees next to the rental car, put your hands on your sides and try to relax. Then, twist your waist alternating to both sides and swinging your arms out fully letting them flap along. The movement will automatically realign your back and is also good for your internal organs.

Exercise 3 – Leg stretch: Stand on one foot and place the heel of the other foot on the bumper of the rental car. You can also open the door of the hired car and put your foot on the door frame. Bend over and touch your toes, hold a moment and then change legs to repeat this fitness exercise.

By practicing these simple exercises you can optimise the time spent during the break to help improve the body´s driving fitness.