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Escape the Icy Temperatures with a Hired Car in Thailand


This current weekly special by offers super cheap car rental prices in one of the most popular long haul destinations: Thailand. Take the opportunity to book a rental car in Thailand today and receive unlimited mileage.

If the icy temperatures prevail in making you feel uncomfortable in England this New Year, Thailand provides the solution. While we are freezing in this winter, the temperatures in Thailand this January are at a pleasant 25 to 30 degrees. Ideally, then, to recover from Christmas stress, a nice time on the beach in the sun to fill up new energy for the new year could be in order. But for those who have rested enough and would like to start exploring new places and trying new things in 2011 should then take the opportunity to explore this exciting country by car.

It is not just the heat that makes Thailand such as hot spot for tourists, but also the paradise islands, forests and mysterious bays waiting to be explored with a nice relaxing drive with a rental car. In addition to mainland Thailand, islands such as Ko Phi Phi cannot be missed, especially for water sports enthusiasts. Other worthwhile destinations for a car journey through Thailand are Cha-Am and Hua-Sin. These destinations are quiet seaside resort towns and are ideal for family outings.

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