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Celebrate the New Year with a Trip to Germany


Welcome in the New Year with a trip to Germany. This time of year the country is snowy white and provides beautiful scenery for a road trip from one quaint German village to the next. Book this exclusive special for one week via our partner Enterprise and only pay for six days

During a trip by car in Germany you have the opportunity to experience some of the best scenery Europe has to offer. If some people did not know it, some of the most beautiful destinations and driving routes are located in Germany. From the Alps to hilly idyllic countryside to the length of the Wadden Sea, Germany offers a variety of landscapes and lots to do.

The German countryside has plenty to offer and usually the main sights are often to be found off the beaten track! There are some great driving routes and destinations to be found in the countryside. For example some nice journeys can include a drive around medieval German castles and palaces, the lush valleys of the Black Forrest, or to follow the route of Brothers Grimm and visit the inspirational settings for their fairytales. However if the countryside does not sound appealing, then the cosmopolitan cities are not to be found wanting, in particular the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan area.

Book now and enjoy the Autobahns!

This area is the most heavily populated region in Germany and this year the region was awarded the ‘European Capital of Culture’. Never before has a region been honoured with this title, which reflects the importance of the area as a whole. Made up of 53 towns and cities in Western Germany, the Ruhr has hundreds of activities to entertain tourists year round. The Ruhr area, especially the city of Cologne, is the centre of the world known carnival activities which takes place around February each year. Countless parades and parties are being held during this time, drawing tourists from all around the world.

You can book this German special from with our car hire partner Enterprise from today. For a one week rental instead of the full seven days, only six need to be paid. Best of all, unlimited mileage is included to allow for a good drive on the Autobahns! Rental period is from 05/01/2011 to 03/02/2011.

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