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< back warns about high prices over the Whitsun weekend


You are planning to go on a short holiday trip by hired car over the Whitsun weekend? Sounds like the perfect occasion, but keep in mind to make your reservation for your rental car as soon as possible! Since you want to avoid peak prices, read the advice is giving you.

Reasons for the big price increase can be found very easily. Because the Whitsun weekend is such a popular time, rental cars will run short very soon. Therefore, an early booking is the only way to avoid those peak prices that are evolving from the huge demand, but relatively small offer for hired cars over the Whitsun holidays. Popular destinations like the Balearic Islands do already suffer from car hire shortage. Particularly the small rental car categories are only available for a very high price over the Whitsun weekend.

“On the island of Majorca, small cars belonging to the Mini-Category are almost booked out. And if such a car is still available, you might even pay more for it than for a hired car in the Economy class, which belongs to a higher category.”k, Anna-Kristina Stein, product manager of, states.

Just to give you an impression: If you want to rent a car over the whole Whitsun week in e.g. Majorca, you pay at the moment about £ 120 for a hired car in the Economy class and even £ 136 for a rental car in the Mini-Category. Yet, you can expect more price increase the closer the Whitsun weekend actually gets! Another reason for the high prices is the fact that many car hire companies have reduced their fleets due to the financial crisis and are still not back to their “normal size”.

Therefore, highly recommends you to book a hired car for the Whitsun holidays as soon as possible. Only by doing so, you can still get a reasonably priced rental car in the exact category you prefer. So don’t hesitate! Book now and start to look forward to your Whitsun holidays 2010.