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19/01/2010 provides a new service feature to its customers so that they can fully enjoy their tour by rental car abroad: traffic rules and characteristics of their holiday destinations

Anyone in possession of a driving licence knows the current traffic rules. But how about your chosen holiday destination abroad? Different strokes (and different traffic rules) to different people? looked into this issue and as such now informs you on its website about the special customs in road traffic abroad. Therefore, rental car drivers will not get into unpleasing traffic situations and can enjoy their journey by hire car without worrying.

"Many customers did accost us with the question which specific traffic rules there are abroad. As it came to our notice that there is a high need of publicity, we installed this service on our website", says Stefan Siebenberg, CEO of

Now you can inform yourself easily and quickly about these questions on the website of via the link on the welcome page. From here, your favoured holiday destinations and a list of the respective traffic rules and rental car characteristics are only one click away.

Did you know, for instance, that the drink-drive-limit in Germany amounts to 0.5? Or that in Greece vehicles in roundabouts do not have right of way? And whilst you don’t need a child seat for children from a size of 150 cm (59 in) in most countries, in Australia, for instance, your child has to be eight years old if you want to take it without a child seat. In European foreign countries, you will often encounter different rental car regulations. For example, it is important to carry an international driving licence, as the national one alone will often not be accepted.

There is much to consider if you want to travel safely and stress-free abroad by hired car. But and our professional call center team will help you with any question so that you can simply enjoy your holidays!