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< back gives advice how to make the most of your summer staycation


If you are having second thoughts about taking a vacation this year, whether you are reluctant to plan a trip due to the unpredictability of the volcanic ash cloud or are experiencing financial limitations, staycations (staying vacations) are the perfect way for you and your family to still enjoy the summer.

Short weekend trips to nearby museums, parks and festivals or slightly further outings such as camping or fishing trips all contribute to the enjoyment of summer and prevent you from feeling short-changed by not taking a proper vacation.

The concept of a staycation has become more popular in the last couple of years even amongst the die-heart British and European travellers. Many people, especially families, have decided to explore their own country and surrounding areas rather than spending time and money abroad. Whether it is relaxing around the house or simply exploring the area you live in a little more, there is plenty to do during a staycation.

To fully enjoy your staycation, has some great advice for you. Firstly get the whole family involved, ask the kids to make some suggestions about short trips and allow give for each family member to chose a staycation option. It is really important that the staycation is fun. Avoid the routine of day-to-day life, with the goal of creating the feeling of a traditional holiday! Secondly, become a tourist in your own country. Visit the local tourist information centre and collect information on the area to see what they recommend to tourists to do on your home soil. You might be very surprised to see what cool events and activities take place locally.

Not only will you save a lot of money during a staycation, but no one has to stay at home. No more sad doggy faces as you drop your beloved best friend at the dog kennels, no more renting uncomfortable bicycles in foreign cities or negotiating which favourite toy the kids can bring with...with a staycation everyone and everything can merely come with. You might have to hire a slightly bigger car for the trip, but the smiles on everyone´s faces are almost guaranteed!

The long European summer days lend themselves to hours of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, golfing, fishing and swimming – take advantage of it! As driving distances between such countries as Great Brittan and Europe is short, you can even explore a neighbouring country for the weekend. Why not plan a couple of weekend road trips this summer and explore such places as Scotland, Ireland, Wales or even hop over with your car on the ferry and visit France or Holland? Rent a car today and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of staycations!