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One of the most important cities of Netherlands, Utrecht is utterly sublime. The sight of old yet majestic buildings surrounded by towering massive trees, is simply magnificent. Besides the picturesque environment, Utrecht is also known for its glorious cathedrals. Plus, what is a vacation without delicious food? So if you are in Utrecht, you wouldn’t want to miss the nectarous and scrumptious food of Robert Gelato and Blauw. They are two of the most famous restaurants in Utrecht. To visit other renowned places, you can get a car for hire in Utrecht.

Visit Cathedral Domkrek by getting a car for rent in Utrecht

Utrecht is like a hub of cathedrals. But the most significant and intriguing one is Cathedral Domkrek. This cathedral is not only a testament to Utrecht’s religion and culture. What makes it outstanding is the fact that it offers activities for children, like different races and outdoor games. Besides this, the view from the tower of this cathedral literally takes your breath away.

Constructed about seven hundred years ago, this tower is the biggest tower in the whole of the Netherlands. You are allowed to take as many snapshots as you want in this cathedral. There is also a ground connected with this cathedral which is equivalent to an oasis in a crowded place. So as soon as you rent a car in Utrecht, go visit this dazzling sight.

The Rietveld Schroder House

The Rietveld Schroder House is another glorious example of Utrecht’s architecture. This house was constructed for a Mrs. Truss Schroder in 1924. The elegant building with no boundary walls is simply amazing. It has that unique mystical feeling to it that only De Stijl architecture has. Mrs. Truss was involved in the construction of this building, despite the fact that it was being created by the world renowned Dutch architect Rietveld. Now it has been converted into a museum, but the architecture is all the same, so you wouldn’t want to miss this at all.

Take a trip to the castle

Who wouldn’t want to go to a real life castle? Utrecht gives you this opportunity. Castle Museum Sypesteyn is a mind-boggling castle which was constructed in 1500. Later it was converted into a museum but the heritage of the Sypesteyn family was restored. The long curvy staircases and the piece of art fireplaces remained exactly the same. The gardens, ponds, streams, and decoration pieces are all unique and you have to see all that with your own eyes.

Make the most of your trip by getting a car rental in Utrecht

After you are done with your sightseeing in Utrecht, you can also go to the neighbouring cities. You can hire a car in Utrecht and visit Bunnik, De Bilt, Houten, Lopik, and Doorn. A visit to these cities will add to your general knowledge, and the amazing sights will make you want to come back again and again. A rented car is the perfect way to have a wonderful vacation, as it saves you time and money.

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