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When you are visiting the amazing Netherlands, you will come to love many of its cities and towns. Among these many the city of Hertogenbosch is one of the most alluring with its rich history and great attractions. There is so much to explore within the city that you must get a car for hire in Hertogenbosch.

Rent a car in Hertogenbosch to find its historic buildings

After the World War, cities like Rotterdam survived and many of the historic places remained intact with little or no harm. Nevertheless the local government started to rehabilitate many structures and today it is littered with many pristine historic buildings in wonderful condition. With your car for rent in Hertogenbosch, you can drive to “de Moriaan” which happens to be the oldest building in the Netherlands and was built in the 13th century. You can also find the Town Hall worth visiting as it is housed in a building that was constructed back in the 17th Century. It is known for its magnificent architecture which is characterized as Dutch Classicism.

The concentration camp

Among many things that you will find worth your time is visiting the Hertogenbosch Concentration Camp site. Known as the Vught Camp during the Second World War, it was directly administered by the SS. It is now a popular tourist attraction. You can also visit the museum, which tells you about the story of the lives of the Jewish inmates of the concentration camp. The camp still has the original fence and prisoner barracks kept intact and in pristine condition. The execution site has now been converted into national monument and you can also find the lists of the people who died here.

Saint John Cathedral

The city of Hertogenbosch is also the location for one of the most famous churches in Europe, Saint John’s Cathedrals. The Cathedral is considered to be a magnificent example of tasteful architecture and design. The Cathedral was built in 1220. The Cathedral has undergone extensive renovation as it was damaged over the years by the acid rain.

Hire a car in Hertogenbosch to meander around

It is incredibly easy to find attractions and sights when you are behind the wheels of your own car. When you are in the vacation planning process you should consider using a car rental in Hertogenbosch. It will allow you to wander around the city without using the local transportation. Also when you have your own means of transportation you can easily roam around and find cities like Vught, Hedel, Sint-Michielsgestel, Nederhemert-Noord, and Nederhemert which are teeming with attractions and sights that you will surely love.

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