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There is Harlem in New York and there is Haarlem in the Netherlands. But unlike Harlem of New York which is famous for its wonderful musicians and creative artists, the Haarlem of the Netherlands is a city which offers you Gothic architecture, medieval relics, and a vibrant cultural scene. And with some excellent beaches nearby, you are in for a treat.

Rent a car in Haarlem to find wonderful sights and attractions

The city of Flowers as it is commonly known, Haarlem offers you a myriad of historical buildings with meticulous and artistic architecture, strong culture, and wonderful facilities. Get yourself a car for hire in Haarlem and get ready to explore all the wonders the city has to offer. You can start with the Amsterdamse Poort which is a town gate. Built sometime in 1400, this gate is the only one remaining of its kind. Around the Amsterdamse Poort, you are likely to find many remains of the powerful walls that once protected the city. You can get many tourist guides to help you with the history and pointing out the places that you need to see.

Grote Markt

Haarlem is home to the Grote Markt which is located in the centre of Haarlem. Gorte Markt means Big Market and this market has been serving the city for many years. You can easily reach this market from any place in Haarlem as it is connected by roads from every part of the city. Apart from the hustle and bustle of this beautiful market, you will find that it is enveloped by many buildings that are historically important. These include the Hoofwacht, Vlesshal and the famous Saint Bavo Cathedral which you can easily find and visit when you hire a car in Haarlem. You can also enjoy the many bars and eateries around the market. Remember that you can enjoy the market on Mondays and Saturdays only.

Frans Hals Museum

When you are in Haarlem, you cannot miss the Frans Hals Museum which offers you the chance to see the magnificent Dutch art painters Frans Hals Verspronck and De Bray. You can also find displays of contemporary art that are made from silver along with some wonderful crafts.

Use car rental in Haarlem to go beyond the city of Flowers

Haarlem is not a city that you can explore on foot or by using buses and local trains as it is filled with many places of interest. There are also many wonderful beaches that are nearby which include Zandvoort Beach and Bloemendaal Beach. If you get yourself a car for rent in Haarlem, you can also visit the neighbouring cities and towns such as Heemstede, Haarlemmermeer, and Hillegom. This would make your vacation a great adventure.

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