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Groningen is a city in the Netherlands, famous for the University of Groningen, which has 50,000 students at any given time. It also happens to be a very old town which dates back to 950 A.D. With the Aa River linking Groningen to the North Sea, the city has a rich history as a Hanseatic port and landmarks like the ancient Aa Church and the famous Martini Tower. With canals running through the city, visitors can enjoy a pleasant stay riding boats and poking around the quaint museums. While bicycles are the standard mode of transport for students and many residents, visitors will find it easier to get a car for rent in Groningen and move around quickly to see all the attractions.

Tips for Getting a Car Rental in Groningen

There are eight providers from whom travelers can get a car for hire in Groningen. A couple of them also have counters at Groningen Eelde Airport (GRQ). Regardless of whether you come here by road, rail, or air, you can compare all of them online to find the best deal. Choose your pick-up and drop-off points and the best value for the vehicle you want and book it right now so that you have a vehicle ready and waiting for you as soon as you arrive in Groningen.

Landmarks and Life in Groningen

There are four landmarks you cannot miss when you are in Groningen. One is the main university building which dates back to 1909 and has been built on the site of the original Academy Building from 1614. The other three are the Martini Tower, Aa Church and the Grote Markt. The Martini Tower has been looming over the city since 1482, although it was burned down in the interim and has been rebuilt. The Aa Church likewise dates back to the middle ages, and Grote Market is the historic center of the town, where people flock every day to the pubs and outdoor cafes. Other landmarks you can visit are the town hall and the 17th century Gold Office.

Take a Museum Tour in Groningen

The Groningen Museum with its extensive art collection is a must-visit and also convenient since it is just across from the bus and train station. The other museum you must visit is the university museum, which has a fascinating collection that includes the world's first electromagnetic car and an Egyptian mummy. You may also want to take a peek at the tobacco museum and the water transport museum.

Rent a Car in Groningen for Side-Trips

Groningen has more than enough attractions and activities to keep visitors happy for a week or more. But if you have the time and the inclination, hire a car in Groningen and explore the surrounding region. You can visit Uithuizen which has a fine 13th century Church, or head for the port city of Farmsum (delfzijl) from where you can see Germany across the Eems canal. Heiligerlee, about 20 miles from Groningen, is a popular tourist hotspot. If you are interested in plants and gardens, there is a botanical garden in Haren, which is less than 4 miles from Groningen. Amsterdam is a wonderful destination, if you can drive a couple of hours on the A7.

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