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Enschede witnessed a world war, survived many fires, and experienced the industrial revolution in its finest form and many other revolutions. The relics from all of these events are now preserved in Enschede’s many museums for your viewing pleasure. Your visit to Enschede will be a journey back in time, one that you should not miss. And if you decide to visit this gorgeous place, make sure you get a car rental in Enschede.

Why hire a car in Enschede?

To enjoy the marvels this city has to offer, you need to rent a car. Walking from one place to the next on foot will waste much of your precious time and will cause you to miss out on some must-see places in the city. Taking taxis will not be prudent, as it will cost you more and it will restrict you to a schedule that may not be convenient for you. Hence, you must rent a car in Enschede to enjoy your trip and everything that the city has to offer, because Enschede is truly worth all your time.

Get to the City Hall and Elsewhere

Interestingly, the City Hall has been constructed right in the centre of the city of Enschede. After viewing this amazing building, you can get to any other spot in the city within 10 minutes from the City hall. Near the City Hall are museums, coffee shops, shopping places, markets and many more places for you to explore.

The Culture Mile

This will be what you may call after you have experienced it, the most extraordinary walk of your life. Within a mile of walking, you will be able to grasp the culture of Enschede. How awesome is that? It starts from the lovely old market square, at one of the oldest town churches, and continues along Muziekcentrum Enschede (Music Enschede), Balengebouw, The Rozendaal, Twente Wave Museum, and many more culturally associated places.

Get a car for hire in Enschede and Explore Nearby Cities

The city of Enschede, with its culture and museums, its restaurants and nightlife, has a lot to offer you. But the amount of fun you will have during your visit will be much more when you get a car for rent in Enschede. It would be impractical for you to walk around everywhere, even within the city. Besides, what about the amazing nearby cities which have equally amazing things to offer you? Hence when you visit Enschede, and after you are done exploring the city with your rented car, do visit nearby cities, such as Hengelo, Losser, Borne, Neede, and Almelo, all of which have an entirely new adventure for you.

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