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If you’re thinking of capturing the essence of the Netherlands in your vacation this year, you must definitely visit Emmen, one of the largest tourist destinations that the country has on offer. Although most people come to Emmen only to marvel at the zoo, the Dierenpark Emmen, situated in the heart of the city, there is much more to explore in the city. Its proximity to the German Border makes it possible to have a short Germany sojourn while you are in Emmen. Why would you want to suffer the public transport system when you can hire a car in Emmen and move around in panache?

Opt for a Car Rental in Emmen and Visit the Dierenpark Emmen

The first place that many visitors flock to after setting foot in Emmen is the huge one-of-its-kind zoo, the Dierenpark Emmen, and you must also do so. Elsewhere in the world, species in zoological parks are categorized based on their species, but in this zoo, they are zoned by terrain. You have a miniature desert savannah, a miniature Amazon rainforest, a miniature Indian jungle, and so on, where you can see various exotic flora and fauna in conditions very similar to their natural habitat. The zoo is definitely the hallmark of your trip to Emmen and must not be missed.

Drive Around Downtown

Emmen is a historically important city in the Netherlands and a place that is directly involved in the Second World War. There are memorials, old-fashioned churches, the offbeat flea marketplace, city centers, and shopping malls that you can explore with a car for rent in Emmen. Moreover, the city features an exquisite architectural pattern by the reputed Robert Smithson, called the Broken Circle or Spiral Hill. A drive through this beautiful place would certainly rejuvenate you completely. You could also visit the various sport complexes built in the area if you are a sports aficionado.

Venture Out Into the Countryside

The city has a surprisingly fascinating countryside that you must explore with a car for hire in Emmen. To the north of Emmen lies the Dog’s Ridge (Hondsrug), a hill range that is great for trekking and cycling. If you drive along the hills, you’ll find many hunebedden (or dolmen), which are burial grounds that have been used since the Stone Age. Although it sounds creepy, you are sure to have a lovely time exploring the terrain in this area. Driving south takes you to the peat colonies, a vast expanse of extremely flat land compared to the lofty ranges of the north. You would definitely love a drive out in the countryside.

Rent a Car in Emmen and Explore Other Cities Around

Whether it is Coevorden, Hardenberg, Tynaarlo, or Stadskanaal in the Netherlands or Geeste, Haren, Meppen, and Lingen in Germany, you can move around through a car rental, for which you can reserve from our website, and enjoy fun-filled one-day trips from Emmen. We certainly invite you to try vacationing in Emmen and basking in the experience.

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