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Situated in Netherlands, Bonaire is a delightful vacation destination, and along with two more amazing places, Curacao and Aruba, it forms the chain of the so-called ABC islands. The word “Bonaire” literally means good air, and when you arrive in Bonaire you realize that this place lives up to its name.

Every year many people embark on a vacation to Bonaire to take a break from the hustle and bustle in the cities where they live. You can see magnificent beaches, farmhouses, horse riding clubs, and museums in Bonaire. To enjoy all these places without undergoing the stress involved in looking for local transportation, it is advisable that you get a car for hire in Bonaire.

Visit Playa Lechi by getting a car for rent in Bonaire

You can rent a car in Bonaire and go to Playa Lechi which is a spectacular beach which has snorkeling spots right beside the seashore. You can place your beach chairs on the shore and get a tan. There are also elegant and comfortable Playa Lechi houses nearby. Many people rent them for a couple of days. Some buy them because they offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have such marvelous houses with a breathtaking view.

Klein Bonaire--an ecstatic place for the wild and passionate souls

What if you find one place that offers snorkeling, scuba diving, water skating, and boat riding? You will have the delight of your life, right? So, get ready to experience one of the most delightful adventures of your life. Klein Bonaire is that rapturous place, which offers you all of this excitement. It is also a perfect picnic spot for the easy-going ones, as they can sit under the reefs and have a wonderful time enjoying the peaceful environment.

Don’t forget to visit Boca Slagbaai

Boca Slagbaai is one of the famous national parks in the world. It is not only a lush green and dazzling park; it also offers you the most amazing swimming pools. What’s even more exciting is that in the vicinity of this park, are some glorious shopping centres. And what’s a vacation without some shopping? Go and shop in Bonaire and get a real treat.

Have fun with a car rental in Bonaire

You can hire a car in Bonaire and go to see the stunning neighbouring cities. You can visit Assen, Astin, Bladel, Delft and Ede. These cities are also in a league of their own and are as beautiful as Bonaire. So, when you go to Bonaire, do roam around the city, but also drive to the countryside and to neighbouring cities. Having a rented car gives you the freedom to enjoy all these adventures without having to worry about looking for public transportation.

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