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Maputo refers to the largest city in Mozambique which also doubles up as the capital city of the republic. Before independence the city was known as Lourenco Marques and has been christened the city of Acacias given the acacia trees that line its streets and promenades. It is famous for an inscription found on its Municipal Building which was to the effect that “This is Portugal”. The city serves as the administrative centre for the Province of Maputo. Some of the cities that lie in close proximity to the city of promenade include Matola, Richards Bay, Newcastle, Witbank and Brakpan.

Exploring Attractions with car for hire in Maputo

Maputo is home to a number of attractions. One of these attractions is the Central Market. The market is housed in a shabby but beautiful building and is a beehive of activity. There are different kinds of wares that are up for sale in this market. Some of them include basket ware, carvings, vegetables, fruits, seafood and a wide range of household goods. The other attraction in Maputo is the Central Railway Station. It was designed in the first decade of the twentieth century by Gustave Eiffel and is regarded as one of the finest looking railway stations in the world. It features marble pillars, a large central dome as well as wrought iron works. A visit to Maputo is incomplete without a tour of this grand building. To get to these attractions you need to rent a car in Maputo.

Other Popular Destinations in Maputo

The Jardim Tunduru Botanical gardens offer individuals a reprieve from the harsh tropical sun by providing a shaded promenade. A walk in the gardens gives one a glimpse into the grandiose past of the city of Maputo. The design of the garden can be attributed to one Thomas Honney in the year 1885. The gardens offer the ideal location for a picnic or family outing. It is also a great place to relax, unwind and get away from the hustle and bustle that is the city life. The Gardens feature the Statue of Samora Machel, the first president of Mozambique as well as a tennis court. To get to this attraction you need to hire a car in Maputo.

Must Visit Attractions in Maputo

The Museum of the Revolution tells the history of the revolt and revolution against the oppressive Portuguese colonial regime, and the struggle for independence. Mozambique is a fairly recent nation which attained independence in the year 1975. The museum has a number of photographs, maps as well as an array of weapons which give an insight to the fight for independence. To get to this attraction one needs car rental in Maputo.

Getting to Other Attractions with car for rent in Maputo

There are a number of other attractions that are a must visit in the city of Maputo. Two of these are the Hotel Polana and the Xai Xai all which will blow your mind away.

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