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Beira sits quietly at the mouth of the Púngoè River, halfway along the coast of the Sofala Province. It is a city filled with Mediterranean-inspired buildings that are currently undergoing some renovations. Although Beira is reachable by car, it is also served by the only airline in the country—LAM Airlines. There are a couple of 737 aircraft which travel to the city on a daily basis. While there is an option to travel by car, the roads can be quite demanding and are recommended for daytime travel only. The cities that surround Beira include Chimoio, Dondo, Nyanga, Tzaneen, and Zambezia. It is best to visit Beira during the months of March, August and October.

Make travel easier with a car for hire in Beira

After years of abuse and neglect, residents of Beira have finally decided to re-establish the beauty of their city. Although the center of the city is more compact compared to Maputo, it can be very confusing to visit. This is because the street signs are missing from where they are supposed to be posted. At the same time, asking for directions from locals is not as easy as in other countries because a lot of people do not even know the names of each street.

Places of interest in Beira

Beira is full of rich culture and historical significance. As it once was an important port, it is no longer a surprise that lots of tourists have discovered this beautiful city in Mozambique. Among the interesting places to visit in the city include the following:

  • Praça: The city square is located in the heart of the city. This site is surrounded by banks, shops, travel agencies, supermarkets, and much more. Southeast from the square is the famous marble municipality building, which houses the tile mural of the historical Sofala Castle.
  • Fort of Sofala: Built partially from the stone in the 16th century, it was once rebuilt in 1925.
  • Red and White Lighthouse: Located 9km from Beira’s center, the famous lighthouse can be found on the beach road, together with the shipwrecked Macuti.
  • Praia de Macuti: North from the lighthouse lies Praia de Macuti, which is the most popular beach in Breia. Traveling to this part of the city can be done with the help of a car for rent in Beira.

Nightlife in Beira

At night, the city comes alive with different types of entertainment. Some of the must-visit destinations, if you’re looking for an enjoyable night on the town, include the Art Bar Café, Complexo Monte Verde, Casa de Cultura, and Kangas Bar. The best time to visit these bars is on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Traveling to each of these bars can be done easily when you hire a car in Beira.

Stay safe with a car rental in Beira

When you go to Beira, it is important that you keep yourself safe, especially when walking around the Baixa area at night. You can stay safe by either leaving your valuables in your hotel or choosing to rent a car in Beira. Nonetheless, you should remember to keep car doors and windows locked so you can avoid being mugged by locals. At the same time, you have to drive throughout the city carefully as kids freely run around the streets without looking out for incoming vehicles. If possible, avoid night driving so you won’t have to worry about not seeing if there are people or animals crossing the street.

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