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Morocco seduces its visitors via its culture, tradition, and people. A temptation to many foreigners is its unique cuisine, delightful aroma, soft beaches, and breathtaking mountain scenery.

Book a car rental in Berrechid

Do something different from the usual, and go for a drive in a rented car as part of your travel experience. If you are going to travel alone, you may feel afraid to walk in Berrechid because of its religious restrictions and unfamiliar attention to you.

If you possess an international driving license, rent a car in Berrechid and explore this beautiful city.

Day trip to Berrechid

Most tourists like to make a day trip to Berrechid. Some of them follow or self-organize a full day tour to Marrakech via Berrechid, Settat, Skhour Erhamna and Genguerir. Compared to other towns--for example “the white city”--Berrechid does not seem to be a touristy city. It has fewer palaces and other historical buildings. However, it also fulfills your desire to get away from the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day activities and to escape to a quiet place.

Since you will be visiting other cities, it is prudent for you to get a car for rent in Berrechid, rather than spend your time waiting for a bus and train. Driving in a rented car will boost your travel fun to the maximum.

More to do in Berrechid

If you wish to do more in Berrechid, you can go mountain climbing, surfing, skiing, and hiking.

Berrechid is heaven for you if you like outdoor activities and have an inexhaustible energy. Oukaimeden and Michlifen are some of the highly recommended ski resorts located near Berrechid. You can also challenge yourself by climbing up the Jebel Anghomar.

However, beaches such as Jack Beach and 23 Beach are nearer the city compared to the above ski resorts.

Avail of a car for hire in Berrechid

It is so convenient to hire a car in Berrechid to travel around the city, and also see other popular cities, such as Settat, Casablanca, El Jadida, Khouribga, Mohammedia. You can taste food in various street stalls found in different areas. Fishing ports, deserts, secluded beaches, green foothills, and dunes are only a few of the many exciting attractions that you can explore in Morocco.

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