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The presence of several cultures and civilizations form Tangier’s rich history. Towards the Strait of Gibraltar’s, in the western entrance on the coast of North Africa lies Tanger in Morocco. According to the 2008 census, the population of Tanger was 700,000. Earlier, Tangier was a place where many cultures refuge. In 1923, the colonial powers of foreign lands attributed Tangier with an international status. It then became a destination for several communities like the Indians, Americans and Europeans. Tanger is undergoing rapid modernization and development. Many new hotels were built along Tangier’s bay.

Tangier- Brief History

Originally, Tangier was a part of Mauretania Caesariensis. Much of the Northern portion of Africa was included in it. The area was sub divided later on. The former name was kept by the eastern part and Mauretania Tingitana name was received by the newer portion. Tangier had once earned the reputation of smuggling and a spying centre. Foreign capitals were attracted to this region because of the commercial liberty and political neutrality during that period. Bank of England obtained a high quality forged currency of British through a British bank that is situated in Tangier. It has been a subject for spy fiction films and books too.

Airport Services in Tangier

Ibn Batouta International airport of Tangier has been modernized and expanded so that more flights can be accommodated here. The car hire Tangier airport facilities that we provide gives high quality services at a very nominal price. The car hire Tangier services that let you book cars through our portal are very convenient and comfortable for tourists.

Tourism in Tangier

The international jazz festival that takes place in Tangier attracts crowds from different parts of the world. If you are travel alone then the hustle and bustle of Tangier might make you fall out of place. You can rent a car in Tangier airport from our portal to reach the walled Kasbah of ancient times. The hire car Tangier airport service that we provide allows you to choose either local or international cars.

Surely, you should not miss even a single chance to fully utilize the facilities of Tangier airport rental cars offered by our online booking system.

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