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All the varieties of Rabat are blended in a well proportioned and neat way. People from all over the globe prefer to go to Rabat to capture the wonderful spirit of this lovely country. There is a medina or an old walled town that replicates the authenticity of Rabat in Morocco. There are empty alleyways, crowded bazaars, a breathtaking cliff-top castle, and many more other things. The colonial quarter of Rabat is imperial, elegant and the boulevard fringe crisscrosses the area by arcades and palm trees. According to the 2010 census, the population of Rabat is said to be 650,000. The concoction Art Deco of Rabat was classy and elegant where a blend of faux Moorish, futurist and modern detail is present. Mundane institutions like the post office and railway terminus also evoked Babar’s Celesteville’s playfulness.

Rabat- Brief History

The beginning of Rabat’s history started with the Chellah’s settlement. The settlement took place in the third century B.C on Oued Bou Regreg’s banks. The Romans during the 40 A.D then took over the control of Chellah. The Romans converted the Chellah into Sala Colonia, which is a Roman settlement. Till 250 A.D the colony was held by the Romans. Later on, the Romans abandoned the area to Rabat’s local rulers. Yaqub al-Mansur had built the Udayas Kasbah, the city walls of Rabat. He had also started constructing the largest mosque in the world at that time. After his death, the construction of the mosque stopped. Today, Yaqub’s unfinished mosque still stands along with Hassan Tower. You can visit the unfinished mosque by hiring Rabat airport rental cars from our website.

Airport Services in Rabat

Rabat Sale Airport serves Rabat and is used jointly by the military and the public airport. The car hire Rabat airport services that we provide should help you to travel around Rabat, which is about 5 miles the airport. The car hire Rabat airport services can be booked online at our website.

Tourism in Rabat

You can rent a car in Rabat airport from us to visit the shantytowns of Rabat. The price comparison of hire car Rabat airport services will help you to choose the cheapest rental cars available. The fine handicrafts market also pulls crowds towards Rabat. You are sure to have a great vacation in the traffic-free Rabat by finding the best car hire Rabat services through us.

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