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The city of Nador is situated in the northeastern of Morocco in the Rif region, on the lagoon of Bhar Amzzyan. This city is a Mediterranean port. It is the centre of livestock, fruit and fish trading. Nador is linked to Melilla, which is a Spanish city. Towards the eastern side of Nador you can see the greenery of the city. You will see grass maram replaced by sea holly and sea spurge. You will also find cistus and juniper. Many interesting rare birds like the Audouin’s gull, oystercatcher and dunlin can also be found here. You will also get to see the kingfishers, gray heron, redshank and various other birds. You can experience amazing sightseeing experience if you use our Nador airport rental cars from us.

Nador- Brief History

It is believed that the Berber Civilization founded the Nador region. The Phoenicians Arabs and the Romans later ruled the place. ‘Has Nador’ is the place from where the name Nador has been originated. The population of Nador is said to be about 180,000. The economy of Nador includes heavy and light industry, agriculture and fishery. There has been a dramatic growth of the economy over the past few years. The growth is especially because of the manufacturing sector.

Airport Services In Nador

Nador International airports links Nador with the rest of the world. The car hire Nador airport services that we provide are of high quality cars with the best prices. The car hire Nador services can also be booked online at our website beforehand.

Tourism In Nador

Tourism forms a great part in the economy of Nador. There are many saline and fresh water sites in the eastern region of Morocco, where insects and birds of various types visit these sites frequently. Few insects that are found in this area are sand spider, damselflies and grasshoppers. You will also find the coot, crested grebe, winged stilt of black color and the great flamingo. You can rent a car in Nador airport from us that will take you to go for bird watching and visit wildlife places. Nador is a great place for the enthusiasts who are interested in bird watching. The hire car Nador airport services that we provide are available all throughout the year.

There is a beeline in this area for nature lovers who come from different parts of the world to view the beautiful birds. If you are an ardent nature lover then Nador is the place you should be in your vacation.

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