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Marrakech is also known as ‘Red City.’ This important city was formerly an imperial city in the history of Morocco. Marrakech comprises of an old and a modern city like several other cities of North America. The total population of Marrakech is said to be about one million.The biggest traditional market of Morocco is in Marrakech. Marrakech also has Africa’s busiest square. The square in Marrakech bustles with musicians, dancers, water sellers, story sellers and acrobats. At night, many stalls serving great food are open and this makes the square like an open-air restaurant. Through our Marrakech airport rental cars, you can join the crowd at the square and enjoy music, dance, and food.

Marrakech- Brief History

Marrakech’s history is related tothe fall and rise of some important Moroccan dynasties. In the beginning of the 20th century, Thami El Glaoui dominated Marrakech. There was an internal change after independence in Marrakech when immigrants from the Atlas came down to Marrakech. In Morocco, Marrakech hasone of the biggest trading centers. People believe that Marrakech was established between the period of 1062 and 1070.

Airport Services in Marrakech

The city is served by the Marrakech Menara International airport. Flights going in and out here is from the Arab countries and Europe. The car hire Marrakech airport service that we provide has a pickup and drop off service. The car hire Marrakech services available at our website are really reliable and cheap.

Tourism in Marrakesh

This Moroccan city has revived its great appeal over the years. The image of the city is changing as serious artists, politicians and fashion designers are coming from the West. You can rent a car in Marrakech airport from us by pre booking it from our portal. The hire car Marrakech airport option mentioned on our website allows you to choose from a wide range of cars available. The valleys and waterfalls here are the major tourist attractions.

You can dwell in the culture of Morocco by visiting Marrakech. You will surely find whatever you want in Marrakech and the hospitable people of Morocco will always welcome you warmly.

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