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The largest city of Morocco is the Casablanca. You can visit the city of Casablanca, which is the business and economic centre of Morocco. Most of the international companies’ headquarters are situated in Casablanca. Casablanca is also considered as The Royal Moroccan Navy’s naval base. As an economic centre, it is the key industrial zone of Morocco. The area of Casablanca is 324 square kilometers. Phosphate is the main export of Casablanca. Other industries that are present in Casablanca are textiles, glass, leather work, fish canning, fishing and others. Casablanca airport rental cars can take you to these industries of Casablanca in no time.

Casablanca- Brief history

According to the census of 2004, the population of Casablanca is said to be around 3 million. The population of Casablanca started to increase in the 19th century as it turned out to be the supplier of wool to the Britain’s textile industry. There was also an increase in the shipping traffic as the British started to import gunpowder tea. The gunpowder tea is very famous and is the national drink of Casablanca.Berbers earlier in the 7th century BC settled the portion of area where Casablanca lies today. Casablanca belonged to Spain between the years 1580-1640. Later on, Casablanca belonged to Portugal until the year 1755 where they abandoned the area because of an earthquake which destroyed the town.

Airport services in Casablanca

Mohammed V International airport is the main airport of Casablanca. Casablanca is well connected to the Spanish, French and Europe airports, attracting tourists from there. The car hire Casablanca services that we provide can be booked online at our website. The car hire Casablanca airport services that our portal provide comprises of high quality cars and has many options to choose from.

Tourism of Casablanca

Casablanca has very rich architectural edifice, ancient mosques, splendid marketplace, temples, prehistoric minarets, and many other things that can mesmerize you. You can rent a car in Casablanca airport from us to reach these amazing places. The price comparison of hire car Casablanca airport companies that we provide can become a reference for you to choose. Casablanca also have the tallest minaret of the world.

Touring Casablanca will be an awesome experience through car hire Casablanca rental companies listed on our website and you will be engrossed in the beauty of the place.

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