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Tivat is a gem of a coastal town in Montenegro, sandwiched between the foothills of Mount Vrmac and the Bay of Boka Kotorska. To be precise, it is located on the Vrmac peninsula, right in the middle of the Gulf of Kotor. Tivat itself does not face the Adriatic Sea and has none of the famed Adriatic beaches. But a beach vacation is what people come here for, considering its international airport and proximity to the major beaches and beach resorts like Plavi Horizonti and Radovići. Not to mention historic towns nearby like Kotor, Risan and Verige. You will need to rent a car in Tivat for a city tour and for exploring all these destinations nearby.

Get a Car for Hire in Tivat for Sightseeing

You might want to start up above the town in the quaint village of Gornja Lastva, which goes back to the 14th century and has a lot of tourist appeal. Then come back down to the town and a couple of centuries ahead to see the Buca Summer Palace which dates back to 1548. Somewhere around this point, you will start feeling the need to hire a car in Tivat. It is best if you book it in advance, before you reach Tivat. If you have not yet booked one, then do it now. Getting on with the tour, the town park is an interesting place, especially for plant lovers because of the huge collection of exotic plants from all over the world.

Beach Guide for Tivat, Montenegro Visitors

Unquestionably the most beautiful beach on Motenegro's Adriatic coast is Plavi horizonti (blue horizon). It is located in the Przno Valley on the southern side of Boka Bay. On the other side of this narrow strip of land facing the open sea is Radovići, the most famous beach resort in Montenegro. All put together, there are 17 official beaches on the Tivat Riviera. This includes the two Opatovo beaches separated by the lighthouse near the ferry, and Zupa Beach with the pine forests behind it. Do some island hopping to see the beaches on the unique chain of three islands in Tivat Bay - Ostrvo Cvijeca (Island of Flowers), Sveti Marko Island and Gospa od Milosti (Our Lady of Mercy) Island. On the way to Ostrvo Cvijeca, you will find the Kalardovo beach just beyond the airport.

Exploring Towns Near Tivat

You have already seen Radovići and Gornja Lastva. Head back to the airport and then cross the peninsula on E65 to reach Kotor. Drive along the bay on E65 and you will soon reach Risan. Continue on the E65 past Lipci and Kamenari, and then the beaches on the Gulf are lined up in an unbroken stretch from Bijela to Herceg Novi.

How to Get a Car for Rent in Tivat

There is one agency in Porto Montenegro offering a car rental in Tivat for visitors, and one more at Kukoljina. But the rest are all located at Tivat Airport (TIV). A reasonable way to compare all of them side-by-side is to do it online. Select the best deal you can find and book your vehicle right away.

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