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Mongolia is an ancient land and a vast country that separates Russia and China. The range of destinations, diverse landscapes, and unique adventures is incomparable. The climate depends on where you are, with endless steppes and vast plains between the arid and hot Gobi Desert to the south and the frozen snow-capped mountain regions in the west and north. In general, the climate is extreme with burning heat in summer and sub-zero temperatures in winter. The capital city of Ulaanbaatar alone accounts for 1.2 million of the country’s 2.8 million people. Get a car for hire in Mongolia and you can move around easily in Ulaanbaatar and visit cities such as Erdenet and Harhorin.

Rent a Car in Mongolia for an Ulaanbaatar Holiday

Holidays in Mongolia are all about history, religion and nature. You can expect monasteries and national parks anywhere you go, and the capital is no different. Get a car for rent in Mongolia and visit the Choijin Lama and Gandan monasteries. Do not miss the Natural History Museum or the Bogd Kahn Palace Museum. If you want to do some local shopping, the best place to start is Peace Avenue. The Bogdkhan National Park is just outside the city. Drive out east of Ulaanbaatar for about 43 miles and you reach the massive Gorkhi-Terelj National Park.

Visiting Erdenet from Ulaanbaatar

Erdenet is the second biggest city in Mongolia, just over five hours or so from the capital if you head out on Peace Avenue or the Erdenet-Bulgan Hwy. The main attraction here is the open copper mine. Erdenet has Asia’s largest open copper mine pit, and you are welcome to take a tour. Erdenet also has a “ger district” where many of the people are part nomadic and part urban in the sense that they live in gers (yurts or nomadic tents) and tend to their cattle on small farms located within the city. The city center with its Soviet architecture has a musical fountain that makes for a pretty sight.

Get Up Close with Genghis Khan in Karakorum

Karakorum is the ancient capital established by Genghis Khan for his Uigher Empire in 800 AD. Nowadays, it is called Harhorin and is located in central Mongolia about six hours from Ulaanbaatar. The old capital is now called Khar Bulgas, located west of Harhorin. Do not miss the Erdene Zuu Monastery, Tovkhon Temple and the Orkhon Waterfall.

Hire a Car in Mongolia for a Gobi Desert Adventure

No doubt Ulaanbaatar, Erdenet, and the ancient ruins of Karakorum make for an interesting holiday. But these are nowhere as fascinating as a foray south into the Gobi Desert. Book your car rental in Mongolia right now and plan for a nomadic adventure where you spend the night in a ger with a nomad family. You can take horseback or camel rides and explore the desert, or head for Dalanzadgad and the Flaming Cliffs. This is where you get to be an amateur paleontologist and hunt for dinosaur fossils or visit the known fossil sites. If you prefer glaciers, snow-capped mountains and frozen lakes to the arid Gobi, then you may want to set base in Olgii in the Altai Mountains in western Mongolia.

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