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Mayotte is an overseas region of France. It is composed of two islands, Grande-Terre and Petite-Terre. Mayotte is located in the Indian Ocean, near Mozambique and Madagascar. The region’s area is just 374 square kilometres and has a population of almost 200,000. Mayotte is geographically a part of Comoro Island but it has its own administrative power. In 2011, the region has been elevated to Department status and is to be considered as part of the European Union (as an outermost region) in 2014.

Hire a Car in Mayotte and Visit the Capital City

Mamoudzou is the capital city of Mayotte. It is located in Grande-Terre, the biggest island in the archipelago. It has been declared as the region’s capital in 1977. Book a car rental in Mayotte and explore the city. As the capital, you’ll surely find everything that you might need in a city, such as pharmacies, clinics, and other shops. You’ll also enjoy some of the landmarks in the area, such as some French-style architecture, which is common in former colonies of France, as well as in its overseas territories.

Dzaoudzi, The Former Capital

Dzaoudzi is the former capital of Mayotte and it is located in Petite-Terre. You can book a car for rent in Mayotte and drive to the port to catch a ride to the city. It is possible that some ferries can even let you bring your car with you to the city. Since it is located in the smaller island, you can be sure to find some majestic beaches and beautiful shorelines in Dzaoudzi. Aside from the beach, you should also get a glimpse of the Boulevard des Crabes, a road that connects Pamanzi Island to the rest of Dzaoudzi commune.

Enjoy Some Oranges in Mtsamboro

Book a car for hire in Mayotte and drive to Mtsamboro. It is a city located on the northern part of Grande-Terre. The city (and the commune) is known for fishing and agriculture, primarily for the growing of oranges. Not only would you get to enjoy the majestic view on the city (which overlooks Chissioua Mtsamboro island), you’ll also have ready access to the beach. One of the most famous landmarks in the city is the Wemani Mosque. Enjoy the beach and the oranges as you relax in the beautiful city of Mtsamboro.

Rent a Car in Mayotte and Experience Paradise

Nothing would be better than spending your vacation in a French island located off the coast of France. It’s like combining two of the best kinds of vacation: a beach vacation and a vacation in a popular country/city. Spend your vacation in Mayotte and you’ll surely have the best vacation ever.

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