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Located ideally in the Indian Ocean is the city of Mamoudzou, which offers peace and quiet compared to the hectic and noisy life of the urbanized cities that you leave behind when you visit it. The city is found in the Mayotte and is near the Kaweni. The city may now be a hot destination for tourists, but it does offer some attractions and things to do that will make your trip coming here worthwhile. Use a car rental in Mamoudzou to travel easily in the city without the need to rely on the local transport. .

Using a car for hire in Mamoudzou to reach the Mayotte Découverte

To start your vacations here, you should visit the Mayotte Decoverte, a perfect place to find numerous marine mammals that are housed here. These include whale and dolphins. Also you will be delighted to know you can swim and discover the magnificent coral reefs along with the lush mangroves located here. When you visit here, you will have your own guide who will explain the marine mammal’s habitat and the ecosystem that you will find here. You will see that numerous days are designated for various activities, like a whale day for watching whales and a dolphin day for swimming with the dolphins. .

Seahorse diving center

Another place that you need to see while in Mamoudzou is the diving facility called the Seahorse diving center. This is not only a diving school, but also a tourist attraction and is open to all visitors, allowing them to have a wonderful time here and learn not only to dive, but also to explore the hidden gems of the Indian Ocean. You can start at the Baptism level if you are a first time diver, while those who are more experienced can start at a higher level. You can easily travel to the diving centre from your hotel in a car for rent in Mamoudzou. .

Other places to visit in Mamoudzou

You don’t have to restrict yourself only to the capital city, as there are other places on the island that you can visit. This includes Bandrele, where you will find scenic sights and wonderful villages like Mtsamoudou and Dapani that seem to be stopped in time. Also you can visit Koungou, Dzaoudzi and Pamandzi, where you will probably land as the Dzaoudzi Pamandzi International Airport is located here. .

Rent a car in Mamoudzou, a wise decision.

While you are planning your trip to Mamoudzou consider, booking a car from our services online. This will help you to hire a car in Mamoudzou without getting into the hassle of checking the local agencies and negotiating a good deal when the language that is commonly spoken here is French, making it a tedious and frustrating process for those not familiar with the language. A rented car will turn your vacation into one of the best trips of your life, because it will give you the freedom to explore all that there is to be explored.

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