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Dzaoudzi is a town on Petite Terre Island, near the international airport that serves the Mayotte Islands. Mayotte consists of two islands – Grand Terre and Petite Terre (Big Earth and Small Earth) that is considered French territory in the Mozambique Channel in the Indian Ocean, located between Africa's east coast and Madagascar. Dzaoudzi is located exactly opposite the Mayotte capital Mamoudzou on Grand Terre. These are volcanic islands, so the natural attractions tend to be beaches, lush forests and crater lakes. Not to mention plenty of colonial architecture. If you intend to move around in Mayotte to see the sights, you will need to rent a car in Dzaoudzi.

Hire a Car in Dzaoudzi for Sightseeing

The island is now called Pamanzi, but the original "petite" name is more suitable because the island is shockingly tiny compared to Grand Terre. It is pretty easy to check out all the sights very quickly, assuming you have got a car for hire in Dzaoudzi. The airport occupies one end. In between there's Dzaoudzi, and the town of Pamanzi and Labattoir and the beaches like Moya. Dzaoudzi was the former capital of Mayotte, so there are colonial structures like the former prefecture of Mayotte located between the two landing barges. You must visit Dziani Lake at the other end of the island. It is a volcanic crater filled with sulphurous water that gives it a green color.

Visiting Grand Terre for a Mamoudzou City Tour

There is a direct ferry from Dzaoudzi to Mamoudzou which can carry passengers as well as cars. Apart from the marina, there is a marine park and a fishing museum. You can drive around on Rue de Commerce and visit nearby attractions like the ylang-ylang distillery at Vahibé.

Beach Guide for Mayotte Islands

The thing that most visitors come here for are the beaches. The options include Turtle Bay in the town of Boueni, located south of Mayotte and also a good site for watching sea turtles. Bambo West on the west coast is a great place to watch sunsets. Saziley is a white sand beach that goes completely under during high tide. Mtsanga Beach offers a great view of Mount Choungui and the bay. Musicale Plage or Music Beach is a mile long beach popular for a beach outing on Sundays. Plage de Dapani offers a beach alongside mangrove forests. On Petite Terre, you will find Plage Moya to be the most popular beach. Overall, Salou, Ngoudja and Plage Moya are considered to be the best beaches in Mayotte.

How to Get a Car for Rent in Dzaoudzi

There is one agency offering a car rental in Dzaoudzi for passengers arriving at Dzaoudzi Pamandzi Airport (DZA). To ensure your trip to Mayotte is hassle-free, check the deals available from this agency online. Select the best deal and book your vehicle right now.

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