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Mayotte consists of the main island of Mahore, Pamanzi, a smaller island and several small islets surrounding these two. You can enjoy all the unique sight seeing places and spectacular features of Pamanzi using car hire Pamanzi.

Go on adventure tours with car hire

You can go on adventurous wildlife adventure tours with the help of car hire Pamanzi airport. The Green turtle is a rare animal that can be seen in the marine reserve off Mohéli's southern coast. You can also use Pamanzi airport rental cars to visit Niumashuwa. Tours are arranged to see the giant turtles and other rare species of wildlife at Niumashuwa Bay. You can also take part in diving and surfing activities, facilities for which are plenty in the archipelago. The Trou du Prophète in Misamiouli on Ngazidja and Pamanzi islet off Mahore offer excellent facilities for adventure sports here.

This island is largely French-administered and is known for its excellent beaches and coral reefs. You can take advantage of the excellent facilities available here for scuba-diving and kayaking. You can also explore the largest lagoon here using canoes. You can hire car Pamanzi airport to visit the nearby town of Dzaoudzi which has some ancient fortifications that is worth a visit. You can also walk through the lush vegetation in Pamanzi which can be a rare experience for you. At Sulu, you can see crystal clear waterfalls which can take your breath away. Going farther you can come to the entrance of an old mosque at Tsingoni.

Enjoy your visit to the serene beaches with car hire

You can rent a car in Pamanzi airport to take you to some of the excellent beaches near Pamanzi. These islands are filled with exotic beaches where you can spend some quiet moments by the sea. The Galawa Beach on Grande Comore, Bouni, Itsandra and Chomoni are particularly worth a mention. Canoe races are conducted here occasionally that attract a number of visitors to this place year after year. Canoes and sailing boats can be hired in several ports in and near Pamanzi.

Pamanzi with its interesting places can be explored at a slow pace. Itsandra is a fishing village that has a lovely beach. You can also get a chance to witness the local dance forms performed by the local people. Car hire Pamanazi in advance and get set for an unforgettable Pamanzi experience.

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