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Mauritius is known for its traveller friendly cities, and Pointe Aux Piments is definitely one of them. Boasting of amazing white sand beaches, tThis city is located in the northern part of Mauritius. It has a very convenient location, as the coastal road that passes through cities like Mont Choisy, Pereybere, Trou Aux Biches, Cap Malheureux and Grand Baie originates here.

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The place is known for its stunning landscape near the beaches. You can take a car for hire in Pointe Aux Piments and drive on the motorway while taking in the splendid views along the route. Here you can also witness the most awe inspiring sunsets while enjoying a drink on the beach. Thanks to the blooming tourism industry, the city is developing constantly. However, it still continues to maintain its originality and raw natural beauty.

Sites in Pointe Aux Piments

Tourism is one of the biggest industries in this city and hence you will find a whole lot of restaurants and hotels to suit your budget and style. You can even rent a car in Pointe Aux Piments and head to any of the nearby beaches or tourist attractions. One such site is the Pointe Aux Piments Aquarium where kids can enjoy the touch pool, observe sea turtles, and witness all kinds of marine life present in Mauritius. For a surreal experience, drive to the Chamarel Falls set amidst the coloured earth. See almost seven distinct colours of earth formed by volcanic activity at one place. About eight kilometers from Pointe Aux Piments is the Maheswarnath temple devoted to the Hindu gods. This is also the biggest temple in Mauritius and showcases the Indian influence on this island.

Beaches around Pointe Aux Piments

All of Mauritius is surrounded by beautiful beaches, with Pointe Aux Piments being no exception. Just a short walk from the city’s Aquarium is the Trou aux Biches beach. You can build sand castles, play in the clear blue water, enjoy water sports, or just hang out on the golden sand admiring the vast Indian Ocean. A little further away is the Mont Choisy Beach; you can either hire a car in Pointe Aux Piments or keep walking from Trou aux Biches to reach this rather quiet beach. Away from the water sports activity and the boating activity, Mont Choisy beach can offer a calm beach experience. Other beaches in the vicinity are the Canonnier Beach, Grand Bay Beach, Merville Beach, and Pereybere Beach.

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This city is no doubt a wonderful place with loads of fun activities to participate in. Here you can see the history influences on the island, interact with the friendly locals, enjoy a good mix of cuisines, and embrace the amazing natural landmarks. If you love to enjoy life, then come to Pointe Aux Piments, where the good times never seem to stop rolling.

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