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Nouakchott, also known as the city of winds, is one of the most prominent cities in Sahara and is the capital city of Mauritania. If you are looking for a place for your Sahara vacations, then Nouakchott is where you need to be. You can enjoy a wonderful cup of tea in its busiest fish market, or you can treat yourself to mouthwatering sea food at one of its amazing restaurants. The fact is Nouakchott is the perfect remedy for your problem of finding an ideal destination.

Rent a car in Nouakchott to see Port de Peche

If you are in Nouakchott, you must visit the biggest draw of the city, Port De Peche. This is an incredibly intriguing attraction that will mesmerize you with its wonderful colours and thriving activities. You will find men working on fishing nets and small boys running errands. You must also spend the afternoon there so that you can witness the many fishing boats retuning to the port, a stunning sight that shouldn’t be missed. You can easily get to the port by getting a car for rent in Nouakchott.

Musee National and the Grand Mosque

If you are a history buff, then don’t leave the city without spending some time at the Musee National, which will be worth every penny that you spend there. Exhibitions include a prehistoric remains and elaborate and detailed displays of Moorish history. You will find friendly guides at the Museum who will explain in detail the many wonderful artifacts and relics on display. After the museum you can find the Grande Mosque, which is also known among the locals as Mosque Saudique. It is easily seen in the city skyline.

Things that you can do here

Nouakchott features some of the most wonderful beaches in the region which you can visit in your car for hire in Nouakchott. At these beaches you can enjoy a wonderful time by taking a dip in the cool water or just lying in the sun for hours. Apart from beaches, Nouakchott is known for its amazing nightlife. Do make sure that you find the VIP club and also the Modern KTV where you can enjoy loud music and dance to the music of the Senegalese DJs.

Use car rental in Nouakchott to travel to nearby areas

Nouakchott is an amazing place to spend your vacation. There is a lot that you can do within the city. Hire a car in Nouakchott at go for a nice extended road trip to visit the nearby areas. Some of these areas include Bababe and Nouadhibou in Mauritania, and Louga, Dagana and Liguere. So a rented car will not only solve your transportation problem within the city, it will also allow you to make the most of your vacation in Nouakchott.

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