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Mauritania is situated in the western region of Africa. It is basically known as an Arab Maghreb land. The most attractive thing about this land is the rusticity of it. The plain and simple buildings, innocent and pure hearts make this country a lot more intriguing. The most widely visited cities of this country are Nouakchott, Rosso, and Kiffa. These cities are simply amazing and will woo your hearts at first glance. You can make your trip more relaxing and enjoyable by getting a car for hire in Mauritania.

Rent a car in Mauritania and visit Nouakchott

Nouakchott is the most extensive city of Mauritania. It is also the capital of the country. When you visit this city, you must visit the Nouakchott beach. This beach is perfect for a family outing. The children can indulge in different activities and sports like softball while their parents can relax by reading a book or by simply closing their eyes. Moreover, there is a fish and prawn market near this beach where you can get excellent seafood. You can visit these places by getting a car for rent in Mauritania.

Do visit the unique Rosso

The serene and soothing environment of Rosso has always offered the much needed peace for vacations. There are also many parks and gardens in this city but the most famous one are the Diawling National Park. This park is quite huge and the flower beds and lawns are immaculately kept. People can take long strolls in the park while there is a sports area for the kids as well. There is also a small swimming area at the other side of the park and if you are in the mood, you can avail of the opportunity to go for a swim.

The very beautiful Kiffa

Kiffa is a comparatively smaller city in Mauritania as compared to Nouakchott and Rosso. This place is also known for its small gardens and local cafes. The Kiffa park is not as vast as the National Park in Rosso but is actually quite charming. It is the best place in the city to view sunsets. The intense quietness, the orange-ish shade of sky and the mild breeze is the perfect embodiment of vacations. You should definitely visit this park.

Car rental in Mauritania makes your stay worthwhile

If you want to enjoy the versatile country, you must hire a car in Mauritania. This will help you to view much of the place within a short time . You will also be able to visit other cities like Aleg and Mal, which are as mesmeric as the other cities described above. Therefore, you should rent a car online before you arrive at Mauritania, and have a great vacation.

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