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Martinique displays a vintage side of France. Trois Ilets is pretty small that tourists will probably spend one day to explore and travel around the town. However, it is popular because this town is the birthplace of Napoleon’s Empress Josephine.

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Reservation in advance will leave you in no rush to decide whether which car rental companies you should book from. Their comparison sites and international car fleets will provide you the best match, especially in terms of money and quality. This is usually what veteran travelers do to get an economy car for rent in Trois Ilets. Hire a car in Trois Ilets is advisable because you can have a convenient and comfortable travel journey in the end.

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Maison de la Canne is noticeably closed on Monday. Inside the museum, you can notice a good collection of sugar cane production era from equipment, transportation to photos. Besides, it was a former sugar refinery. Another wonderful museum, Musee de la Pagerie, is a former home to Marie Joseph Rose Tascher de la Pagerie. You might not know who this person is but is well-known Napoleon’s Empress Josephine. It could be possible that museums are typically closed on Mondays.

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Parc des Floralies, which is near to Musee de la Pageria, is a small green garden. During weekends, you could see some local families picnicking or walking around to enjoy the fresh air. Pottery Village is also being called as Poterie-Briquetrie des Trois Illets. It is a long name and hard to pronounce. Anyway, it is a pottery village. Their residents utilize the Arawak and Carib Indian methods to produce and design their pottery. Furthermore, Pointe Du Bout operates several ferry services while having several beaches which are nice and fine. Tourists also like to go there to wander around.

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Since you rent a car in Trois Ilets, you can bring yourself out and about town. For example, there are many nearby cities such as L Esperance, La Vatable, Quartier Concorde, La Bagerie and Rateau. If you compare the train or bus fares with your car rental, you would feel that it is kind of worthwhile to rent a car in Trois Ilets for this unique holiday. This journey in Martinique will not associate with any waiting element.

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