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Martinique is a large island that belongs to France and lies in the Caribbean Sea. Schoelcher is a town in this island and is popular as a tourist destination. The economy of the island is dependent upon tourism, although Martinique is known for the production and export of bananas, sugar, and rum.

Get a car for hire in Schoelcher to get to all places such as the astonishing Library

Schoelcher has many places worth watching for tourists. One of these is Schoelcher Library, which is popular not only for the books inside but also for its ornate design and the fact that the building was reassembled in Schoelcher after having been brought in parts from Paris. The library was named after the great man Victor Schoelcher, who was the champion of a crusade against slavery.

Visit the magnificent Fort-de-France

This Fort de France is a nearby attraction and is the capital of the island of Martinique. The city is known for its colonial houses and churches. The population and the traffic inside the city can often be stifling, but still, the city is flocked by tourists because of its stunning landscape and boutiques that sell branded garments and accessories. Car for rent in Schoelcher allows tourists to visit this commune quite easily and as many times as they wish during their stay.

Go to LesTrois-Îlets, another beautiful commune

Trois Ilets is another town that is close to Schoelcher and is mainly known for being the birthplace of Josephine, who became the Empress of France after marrying Napoleon Bonaparte. If you rent a car in Schoelcher, you are free to spend lots of time in this city.

Car rental in Schoelcher as a good travelling option in Schoelcher and the surrounding areas

Many tourists who come to Schoelcher are interested in knowing more about Victor Schoelcher after looking at his statue in the city. Victor Schoelcher was a French abolitionist writer who worked hard for the abolition of slavery and for the rights of the slaves in France. He focused on the Caribbean Islands. Victor not only wrote a series of articles criticizing slavery in French overseas territories but also actually advised the construction of sugar factories to lessen the burden of the labor in these colonies. Victor was elected to the legislative assembly of Martinique in 1848. It was then that he proposed a bill that demanded the scrapping of death penalty, which was common at that time, especially for slaves. His untiring efforts to end slavery in French territories across the Caribbean Islands made him a permanent senator in Martinique in 1875, as he was declared a senator for life. Hire a car in Schoelcher to go to the library, to the other places in the vicinity, or even around the city.

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