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Sliema is a breathtakingly beautiful town in the European country of Italy. It is situated near important cities like Piedmont, Sardinia, Rome, Milan, and Bologna. Sliema has a rich historical past and it played a substantial role during the Italian Unification War. Sliema was also a prominent political center during the period of the Crusades. Sliema is home to a large number of interesting sights and sounds. If you rent a car in Sliema, you will be able to undertake a hassle-free exploration of the town.

Finding a Hotel with a Car for Hire in Sliema

There are many excellent choices for tourists as far as accommodations in the town of Sliema. The Sliema Youth Hostel is favored among backpackers. It charges about twenty Euros a night and provides good bedding facilities. There are also many good motels in the Italian town of Sliema such as Michael’s Motel, where you can enjoy comfortable bedding along with services like well-cooked meals and laundry facilities. You can hire a car in Sliema to get to either one of these accommodations or to any other hotel of your choice in the town.

Amazing Shopping Options in Sliema

Sliema is home to many good shopping malls. Some of the popular stores where tourists shop at are American Store and Fashion Point. Both of these stores are known to sell the most fashionable garments and accessories at affordable prices. They can be reached via a rental car. There are also many shops in the town where you can purchase home brewed beer. You can use a rental car to make your way to these stores.

Taste the Sumptuous Italian Coffee and Snacks in the Cafés and Bistros

There are several bistros and cafés spread throughout the town of Sliema. Romila’s is a popular café where you can enjoy Italian coffee as well as a wide variety of continental snacks. To get to this café or any other well-known eatery in the town, you can make use of the rental car services.

Visit the Ancient Baroque Church by Using a Car for Rent in Sliema

If you use a car rental in Sliema, you can travel to the Protestant church located in the center of the town. The church was built in the Baroque architectural style during the fourteenth century.

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